Mandrill eliminates free tier. Looking for a free transactional email alternative?

Everything is on the link I pasted.
Things to consider if you choose Sparkpost:

  • Email will appear as send by sparkpost. You cannot whitelabel completely this. (you can with mailgun and sendgrid).
  • You will need to disable the unsubscribe on the API. Make sure you do this on each email. If you use SMTP (as I do on my website) you cannot disable it.
  • No test mode. Mailgun has it.

The rest looks fine and the 100k is a nice thing to have, for me I will use Mailgun and Sendgrid, but I can understand that this could be good for others. :slight_smile:
Good luck!

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Only a couple days before Mandrill shuts down the free pricing tier.

Which did y’all end up switching to? I’m heavily leaning toward Sendgrid. MailGun would’ve been in the running but I’m concerned about the previously mentioned deliverability numbers.

I would go for Sparkpost, but don’t like the hard limit of free sends, as exorbitantly high as it is.

I did not switch from Mandril as I used SendGrid and Mailgun.
Currently, I use Postmark only. It fits my needs and feelings excellent, and it works well. Love simplicity there. It is like 1% compared to SendGrid dashboard.
Btw. if anybody interesting, you will get there 100 000 credit (emails) by setting up DMARC and another 35 000 for something, I don’t remember :slight_smile: So you get free 135 000 emails, but you are not handled like a free loader but like a customer.

I ended up going with Mailgun for WP Chat, mainly because it was recommended by the Discourse team.

Just sent a test email and everything seems to be running smoothly. Was a breeze to switch over. :smiley:

I’ll test out a few different providers for WordPress sites. Luckily I can take my time on this decision, since I don’t really manage any sites that need a transactional email provider (yet).

Since Mandrill shut down the free plan i’ve been using Emailsuccess which works well for transactional emails.:slight_smile: For more info you can check their website EmailSuccess