Marketing in a Themeforest world

(Zackary Allnutt) #1

I’ve contected 4 sites thus far who have linked to me with affliate linking. Two were really happy to switch links, one said they were thrilled I left tf.

The other two just removed my links entirely!

I wanted to share this as it shows one of the reasons its so hard for theme authors to complete independantly.

It’s great to have the support of the other two sites though. That gives me encouragement.

(Basilis Kanonidis) #2

Do not worry.
Keep trying and as u will not be the only one who is leaving, it will go long the way!


(Zackary Allnutt) #3

Thanks for the encouragement. I know I’m not the first and wont be the last!

(Nate Wright) #4

That sucks @ZorbixThemes! You know, given how many affiliate marketers are exclusively promoting TF themes and refuse to list others, I’ve often wondered if they have a private exclusivity deal with TF. Really tough for indie shops without a line into some marketplace (.org, .com, TF).

(Zackary Allnutt) #5

I couldn’t help but think that myself. It was like they couldn’t really give me a good reason, because they couldn’t say what the real reason was…

I think they get a higher commission for being an exclusive affiliate.

(Nate Wright) #6

Would love to hear confirmation or denial from anyone at Envato.

(Zackary Allnutt) #7

Me too, but I doubt they would and the people signed up may not be able to say.

(Zackary Allnutt) #8

Make that 3 out of 4 contacted woo!

(Henry Jones) #9

Over the past two years, I’ve seen affiliate traffic and referrals decrease, and have also noticed sites only promoting ThemeForest themes. An owner of one of the biggest WordPress blogs out there did confirm that he has an exclusivity deal with ThemeForest. So your suspicions are correct.

(Zackary Allnutt) #10

Interesting, thanks for confirming @mckinley