Migrating WPEngine Sites into a Multisite DB

(Hudson Atwell) #1

I have this want to incorporate support.inboundnow.com and docs.inboundnow.com into a multisite installation on www.inboundnow.com without any data loss and have everyone be able to use the same email address to login.

I just can’t imagine doing it. It seems like it would be incredibly messy. Has anyone ever done anything like this that can provide me with advice?

(Jason) #2

Migrate DB Pro has an multisite extension that makes moving single sites two and from a multisite really easy. I strongly recommend using that to transfer your database and assets. That plugin is pure gold with little gold accessories. It’s like thugging for nerds. :slight_smile:

(Hudson Atwell) #3

Will have to give it a try! Thanks for the heads up. Single site to multisite conversion with sub-domain support still scares me.

Have you done anything like this @jasontheadams? Will I need to have access to the domain registrar to perform the feat? Or can it all be done on the wp isntance side?

I bet this will still be a day long task.

I should start with the docs.inboundnow site to get a feel since there’s not a constantly changing / updating userbase there.

(Leland Fiegel) #4

Depends on how your DNS is set up now. I don’t believe WP Engine offers nameservers though, so unless you have wildcard DNS already in place, you’d probably need to point your subdomains to the server IP address too.

Assuming you use your domain registrar for DNS, and not something like Cloudflare, you’d need to do that through the domain registrar.

(Jason) #5

Yup! Like I said, the Migrate DB Pro Multisite extension handles it like a champ. You’ll need to setup the multisite first, of course, and determine the primary domain (MS must have one). From there you make sure all the themes/plugins that are used on the single sites are uploaded to the MS. At that point it’s recommended that you pull (as opposed to push) each site into the MS one by one.

Multisite isn’t really all that complicated. You really just need to make sure the themes and plugins are over, Migrate DB Pro will handle the rest —that being pulling over the media (make sure you have that extension as well), adding the appropriate tables to the database, and adding the site to the wp_blogs table. If anything in there doesn’t work, you can look over the database yourself. Probably the most complicated parts of merging into a multisite is dealing with users and discrepancies between plugin/theme versions.

Depending on your level of familiarity with a single WP installation and the number of sites you’re merging, it could either take an hour or two, or the whole day.

If you get stuck/lost feel free to shoot a question in here. :slight_smile:

(Jason) #6

Step by step instructions: https://deliciousbrains.com/wp-migrate-db-pro/doc/multisite-tools-addon/#pull-single-site-install-into-subsite

(Nate Wright) #7

There’s also a package for WP-CLI (10up/mu-migration) which provides commands for merging a single site into a multi-site. I used this to migrate some reasonably simple sites into a multi-site installation (a bunch of theme demos) and found it worked brilliantly.

You’ll need to handle the subdomain DNS issues yourself, but I believe you’d need to do that manually no matter what approach you use.