Minecraft Server for WordPress peeps

Ok so I like playing MineCraft to wind down but am not interested in playing alone or with complete strangers. I was wondering if there were any other minecrafters out there and if anyone has any interest on starting up a server (or sharing one) for wp chatters to play on?

I’ve launched a couple of twitter pleas to join a server with other WordPressers without any luck. What do you guys think?

I don’t play MineCraft, but I’ll help spread the word. :smiley:

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Ok, so I’m new to wpchat… Just saw this post tweeted is all… But I used to run minecraft servers. I am currently taking a hiatus due to the crap that’s happened with bukkit and Mojang/Microsoft… Was waiting to see if some kind of sense was going to be made over it, so far I haven’t seen any word on it being worked out, but I guess I could always start a vanilla server or something. It sucks though because I loved all of the features and tools from my bukkit server.

Dude I would love that even if it was just you and I. I just want a place to build where I know other people in the WordPress community are going to be.

Do those bukkit servers still work? There looks like there are all kinds of crazy mods still in use by the guys over at Twitch.tv. I’m out of the loop.

I am not sure that anything is still being done on bukkit anymore - they weren’t releasing updates for the new versions of Minecraft because of a retarded DMCA issue. I did a bit of research tho and there seems to be rumors of getting it to work with a bit of a hack, so I may cautiously delve into that territory, but I’m a bit skeptical. Having the latest version of Minecraft with bukkit would be pretty sweet. Otherwise the old bukkit servers still work, they’re just outdated.

Give me a week or so to sort through some other things I’m busy with and maybe I can set something up. At the very least just a vanilla server…

It’s still a pain to get the latest CraftBukkit server but it’s not impossible, you just have to download the source and compile it. I’ve run a Minecraft camp the past few summers so I know this dance, but not currently playing much (kids are a little burnt out on it I think). I’d be happy to help set something up.

I’ll contribute to costs. Would love to see something up and stable for everyone in the WordPress community to join.

Extendable would be good. Whatever we do we want to prepare in a way that we can add mods to in the future. Or at least be able to lift the world up and place it onto a new server if it becomes time to move. Not sure what we have to look out for. But whoever wants to take the initiative on this I’m supportive, and looking forward to it. Today, tomorrow, next week.

We can name it wpchatworld or something to give it a home feeling, and we can keep the access information posted here.

If anyone wants to private message me and bounce obstacles and ideas off me please feel free, or post them here.