My Review of Gutenberg (as both a user and developer)

(Tom B) #1

Not sure if anyone here is interested, but I just wrote an article about WordPress’ new Gutenberg editor, as well as what it’s like to use as both a user and a developer:

Honestly, it’s not quite as bad as people say, and it does work surprisingly well as a site builder, but it’s not really that good for its actual main use case (writing blog posts).

(Miroslav Glavić) #2

I find it funny, something typed about WordPress on non-WordPress Medium.

Edit: I am going to read the article now.

(Tom B) #3

Generally, I use Medium for stuff that doesn’t fit on my actual websites (aka stuff that isn’t gaming related). Maybe that’ll change if I open a personal blog at some point to go alongside Gaming Reinvented and what not.

Either way, I’ve now written a bit of a follow up, going over some of the issues I’ve been encountering since writing the first one: