Need feedback for WPvivid Backup/Restore (a WordPress backup plugin)



I am from WPvivid team. Recently, we released WPvivd Backup/Restore plugin which is a backup and restore plugin for WordPress. It supports both manual and scheduled backups, uploads backups to cloud storage, and restores with a single click.

We will appreciate any comments and suggestions. Your feedback will help us to refine the plugin.

(Danny Cooper) #2

Hi @NicholasTsen,

How does your plugin differentiate from the existing (very popular) solutions like UpDraft (2 million+ installs)?

Working backups are of critical importance in emergency situations, so users need a reason to trust your solution over the alternatives.


Apart from one-click backup and restore, both manual and scheduled backups, uploading to cloud storage, WPvivid Backup/Restore has own unique features:

  • Setting a maximum zip file size for backup is available

  • Set a size for the excluded file when backing up

  • The PHP script execution timeout is customizable

  • Folder name for backups is customizable

  • Several support channels are available

  • The proper way of website archiving for different hosting types

Compared to the respectable rival, UPdraftplus, WPvivid Backup/Restore doesn’t have any advantages at this moment as a new backup plugin. Probably, the above mentioned features can’t earn enough trust to let other backup plugin users installing our plugin. Therefore, I am expecting to get comments and suggestions from WordPress experts here, and I believe that these feedbacks help us keep refining and improving the plugin.


Hi, I’ve installed your plugin on my blog site, the backup and restore work OK, the automated backup also happens as scheduled. The interface is simple for me though it did take me a few minutes to find where to run a restore(place it somewhere more obvious will be better). Great work you’ve done!


Thanks for your advice. We will redesign the restore button. Please keep your eye on our new release.