New free plugin for creating unlimited widget areas

(Jeffrey Carandang) #1

Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to let you know about this brand new free plugin of mine that will help you manage your widgets better. I hope this will be very helpful.


(Leland Fiegel) #2

Interesting! This is pretty nifty.

One thought: wondering if the option to display widget areas “manually with PHP” fits with the purpose of the plugin? If they can add the PHP to display the widget in the theme, they can also add PHP to register the widget area as well. But I suppose it has the benefit of not having to manually write out the widget registration code, and keeping widget area registration portable from theme to theme.

No big deal, just a thought.

Again, really cool plugin!

(Jeffrey Carandang) #3

Thank your very much for your suggestion and glad you like the plugin :slight_smile: The manual PHP code option is to cover more areas just in case the user want to re-use the widget areas aside from before or after the post contents. Other possibility that I thought of, is that users can create sidebars that are manually added on premium themes templates and re-use them again and again easily on new installation via WordPress export since it’s using post type.

(Leland Fiegel) #4

Oh, didn’t know that. That makes even more sense then.

Best of luck with it!

(Primoz Cigler) #5

:clap: @phpbits! I can see you have lots of useful plugins in your portfolio!

(Jeffrey Carandang) #6

Thanks @primozcigler ! I hope you’ve find them very useful! You might be very interested on this one : which is my highest installed plugin. I hope you’ll love it.