New Theme Feedback - Magazeen

(Denis B) #1

I built this theme a few months ago, the lite version is about to go live on & I’ve just finished with the PRO version. I’d really like some feedback on it so that I can improve. I’ve stared at it for a few months so I’m extremely biased, a new set of eyes might pick up something :slight_smile:

(Miroslav Glavić) #2

I like the theme. Since I can’t download it from at the present moment (and my hosting site is having difficulties at the present moment)…

I seriously like the theme. I love magazine themes.

Here are my questions:

  1. Am I going to get a notification, right after I upload and activate this theme, about “recommended” plugins? I hate it when themes do that.

  2. The menu, is it possible that area is widgetize or that you can move the menu to where I the green highlight is? see attachment

(Denis B) #3

There are no required plugins, it works straight out of the box.
about the header, I’m thinking about creating another style that can be switched in the customizer, this will allow for ads, or a widgetized header.
Thanks for your feedback.

(Ben) #4

Looks really nice. I did notice a few things that could be tweaked though:

  • On mobile view some of the posts get some info cropped:
  • I would make the entire image clickable on the featured posts at the top (the images with the headlines overlaid)
  • I’d also make the thumbnails on the blog posts further down the page clickable.
  • There’s not much to differentiate the buttons and the text inputs. Hard to tell which is which. In particular for people with visual impairments.
  • There’s some weirdness on the post masonry on some browser widths (posts butting up together) -
  • I’d probably remove the gradient on the comments button (not sure if you have it anywhere else). The rest of the site uses solid colours so it feels a bit out of place. In fact I’d make all button styles consistent (so the search and comments buttons - and any others - match). Consistency is key.
  • Contact form and comment form input boxes also have different styles to search box
  • On the contact page the top and bottom padding on the post content seems to be missing so the headline and post button butt right up to their container.

(Denis B) #5

Thanks @BinaryMoon , I hadn’t noticed any of these, will work on these changes.