New WooCommerce Plugin discount / regular sale price

(Cristiano Zanca) #1

Hi all,
could you please send a feedback about this new and very simple plugin that display regular and discount sale price in cart and checkout page using WooCommerce?

Feel free to say whatever you want, I want to make it working the best it could :slight_smile:




(Leland Fiegel) #2

Interesting idea. I see this sort of thing (i.e. $̶1̶0̶0̶ $90!) a lot. I’m surprised there’s not core WooCommerce functionality or an existing plugin that already does this. Is there, that you know of?

I’m also surprised this plugin was approved with the word “WooCommerce” at the start of it, as this violates the guidelines for plugins that include company and/or product names in the plugin name. In fact, WooCommerce was even used as an example.

Since you currently have fewer than 10 installs, I would recommend coming clean, removing this plugin from the repo, and coming back with a new compliant name to avoid messy situations in the future.

(Cristiano Zanca) #3

Hi Leland! I’m surprised too about the lack of this price view in the cart and in the checkout page, and I’ve just suggested to include this feature in the last WooCommerce slack core chat, but they told me is not something on the list.

Thank you for the alert about the plugin name but this guidelines linked above I presume is not more active (date 2015) as there are a lot of plugins starting same way with thousands active installations:

Do you agree?

Did you have a chance to try it anyway? I really appreciate to read some lines from you

(Leland Fiegel) #4

Interesting. Okay, well that sounds like a great idea for a plugin then. Props for coming up with it. :slight_smile:

It is still active. The post I linked to may have been published in 2015 but that was an announcement for a guideline still present today. Read starting under this headline: 17. Respect trademarks and projects.

The “other people did it so I can too” isn’t an excuse I’ve seen work very often when it comes to rules. I would recommend following the trademark guidelines (which could get you in trouble with WooCommerce itself, not just even though it appears you’ve gotten away with it for now.

Just not worth it IMO.

(Cristiano Zanca) #5

Agreed , I ask in slack the best way to change the name.
I didn’t mean that if others brake the rules I can brake them, but I thought that rules could have changed as I’ve seen many WC extensions plugin starting the same way.

I love shared rules, thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

(Saud Razzak) #6

Impressive plugin good work.