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I am Using Nextgen Gallery Plugin. I create a new image browser gallery. but the gallery url is look like /2018/03/tamannaah-latest-photos.html**/nggallery/image/tamannaah-latest-photos-4** i need /2018/03/tamannaah-latest-photos.html**?image id**

Please Help me…


I don’t quite get the URL patterns as you’ve shared them. Can you use an actually full URL, and then how you’d like to see it?

(raja) #3

My Url :

But i want this type of url :


I don’t think NextGen does what you want out of the box. You’ll need to mess around with URL rewriting.

Instead, I’d just create pages or posts where you want the galleries, and then embed the galleries there; not sure how pagination might work in that scenario, but it is probably okay. :slight_smile:

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Please contact Imagely (owners of NextGen Gallery) support about this. You can do so here:

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