Offering Free themes with upgrade option

(Matt Medeiros) #21

I see that even with the delay in getting themes approved by the TRT, you’re managing some great success with Zerif. I’d love your thoughts re: what I brought up here: Hey, I’m Matt Medeiros. Ask me anything

(Ionut Neagu) #22

In fact what I did was a bit risky from a business perspective, I have promoted the free theme, and even the free theme on listing, not our website, since I though others will pickup a theme rather than a ThemeIsle one due to the trust .

Regarding the TRT I am also a bit frustrated regarding how the things going, I would be happy to involve more, but I rather feel there is no interest in that, my problem is that I am competitive and I wanna involve in building awesome things ( like the best search algorithm ), since is something that I am passionated about.

I think their philosophy is more about to give anybody a chance, even is a nice theme/plugin or not, even if is a well-known theme shop or not, which is not bad overall, it allowed me to start for example, while from Envato I got just a reject from some themes that I have submitted .

What I am doing now is just helping as I can/ have time, accept how the things are working and look for another ways to sustain/grow/develop my business .

(Ihor Vorotnov) #23

I’m working on my first theme for, and going to make it freemium as well. Previously I was only developing custom themes for clients and different projects. I was thinking about different ways to go with freemium model and got some ideas:

  • The free theme has some options (via Customizer as per new TRT guideline) - just enough to be flexible, but not bloated (I’m a fan of “decisions not choices”)
  • The free theme has some standard templates - for homepage, blog, archives, pages, posts, post formats etc
  • The free theme has 2-3 layouts (left sidebar, right sidebar etc)
  • The Pro theme has additional templates - for WooCommerce or/and EDD, support for some contact forms plugins (or even own contact form integrated, with options), for different custom post types - portfolio, testimonials, FAQs etc
  • The Pro theme has additional plugin with extra features, like front-end user profile for subscribers (edit profile, change password, manage subscriptions, favorite posts etc)
  • The Pro theme has priority support, right from your dashboard (the plugin I’m currently working on). You can post a support request / question from dashboard widget and receive notifications / replies there as well

What do you think? I believe it should work. But I’m overall optimist in pretty much everything :smile: