Offloading WP images to another service

(Ben) #1

Does anyone know of a way to offload images to some other service (such as a cdn) and not host them on the WordPress domain?

I have a customer who has to keep upgrading her hosting because she runs out of hard disk space due to all the images and thumbnails that WordPress is creating. However she’s not technical so it needs to be an ‘install a plugin’ jobbie.

I wondered about suggesting Jetpack Photon, but that won’t remove the hard disk requirements since the thumbnails will still be created.

(Leland Fiegel) #2

Check out WP Offload S3. There’s an option to delete local files after they’re copied to S3. There is a Lite version, but you’ll need the Pro version to copy existing media files over.

S3 also isn’t a CDN (or at least, not supposed to be), but the plugin will help you configure S3’d images to be served over Cloudfront, which is a CDN.

Although if the only concern is to free up disk space, Cloudfront wouldn’t be necessary.

(Ben) #3

nice one - thanks. I’ll suggest it and see what happens :slight_smile: