Our latest exclusive sponsor: @BeaverBuilder

You might have noticed today that my self-sponsored ad has been replaced with a Beaver Builder ad. They’re our new exclusive sponsor for (at least) the next month! Thanks to @RobbyMcCullough for setting it up.

It’s a commercial drag and drop layout builder for WordPress. There is also a free “lite” plugin version available.

I know a lot of you are developers who probably don’t need a drag and drop design system for WordPress, but it’s something to keep in mind for quickly setting up client site layouts, and as a recommendation for non-coding WordPress users who want more control over their website layouts.

Anyway, thanks so much to Beaver Builder for sponsoring! It’s always appreciated.

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Cool, congratulation, hope it will continue for next months too.
I just think, that if somehow, somebody new come here, he will miss that thin bar up.
I would suggest showing a sponsor the more robust way. Why not, it’s not junky Viagra advert. That kind of advert is more helpful than annoying. It is even not an advert, it’s more a recommendation for a quality product, and it shows, that someone behind that business support this community.

Woot! Thanks for the opportunity, Leland.

We’ve been experimenting with promotional sponsorships. As opposed to advertising, I love that we can support the community and give back while getting our name out there a bit.

As a WP Chat regular (mainly lurking), this was a no-brainer.

If anyone has any questions I’ll be around. =)

Thanks, Peter! We’re testing the waters, but I hope so too!

It’s possible. I’d imagine a regular who is used to seeing it up there would be more likely to experience banner blindness. Instead of just the bar up top, there’s also:

  • This thread.
  • Tweet to this thread.
  • Link in the footer

So hopefully a good number of people sees at least one of those things. :slightly_smiling:

Congrats! Is there a page somewhere showing sponsorship prices? It’s a personal goal to make enough money with Kanban for WordPress to sponsor the site!

Hi Corey,

That’s a great goal to have!

Right now, Beaver Builder has “first dibs” on the exclusive sponsorship for as long as they want to continue.

But should the spot open up, I’ll get in touch. I don’t have a page that details the sponsorship pricing.