Paginated post which load all content on the first page

(Angel) #1

Hello, I’m looking for a tutorial/plugin to make a paginated post with Prev/Next, but I want it to load the full content on the first page on the source code.

Example of what I’m talking about (please check it):

  • If you visit that blog you can check that even though the post is paginated, the source code load the full post.
  • If you click on Next and then Click on Prev, the first page will load the full post.

I want to do this because this way I can rank well in Google with the full post and can offer paginated post to the user.

The website uses the plugin Theia Post Slider, but I have the plugin and don’t see any option related to that.

Anyone here knows how to do that?

(Ariya) #2


Check out this plugin jQuery Post Splitter. I think it will help you.

(Leland Fiegel) #3

I think that’s exactly what they’re using for this. From its page:

Theia Post Slider for WordPress transforms your multi-page posts into slideshows, making them much more engaging and easier to browse.

Sounds like you just have to use WordPress core’s <!--nextpage--> tags to break up each “page” and it handles the rest automatically.

(Angel) #4

It worked, thank you very much :grin: