Photodune alternatives?

(Danny Jones) #1

Now that the prices on Photodune are several times what they used to be, can anyone share any decent alternatives for pay per download images?

Iv googled but had no luck so any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

(Zackary Allnutt) #2

I’ve used creative market quite a bit. Some really nice photo’s on there. Good for backgrounds.

(Donna McMaster) #3

My favorite these days is Purchase credits for less than $1 each. Each image costs:

  • 2 credits in a size suitable for up to half-page images
  • 3-4 credits suitable for full-width images

Two others with single image prices in the same range are and

There is also the free site I’ve found that I waste a lot of time there if I’m looking for something particular, but for generic or popular subjects you can do well.