Poll: Best WordPress hosting?

(Leland Fiegel) #1

Part of this thread wants to test out this poll feature that I just discovered thanks to @Jeffro.

I also wanted to get your thoughts on WordPress hosting. Note I’m not saying “managed” WordPress hosting, just anything that is capable of hosting a WordPress website.

  • WPEngine, Pressable, ZippyKid, Kinsta, Flywheel, DreamPress, GoDaddy (managed WP-specific)
  • Custom setup on an unmanaged cloud server provider (Digital Ocean, Linode)
  • AWS and other pay-as-you-go “IaaS” services. (using a static WP page generator on S3 perhaps?)
  • Shared hosting (HostGator, BlueHost, other EIG-owned brands, Media Temple, GoDaddy)
  • Colocation? Dedicated servers? Clusters?
  • Other (please reply below with what “other” is)

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I’ve been using a HostGator reseller for the longest time, but eventually phasing it out because I don’t necessarily trust who bought it out (they own pretty much any big name brand host you can think of too). And I just don’t like not being in control of what server-level stuff is installed on it.

Recently I’ve been using Digital Ocean to set up my own custom hosting platform for my sites and my clients sites, running Nginx, HHVM for PHP execution, Varnish caching, SPDY protocol (for my one SSL site). I’ve yet to experiment with other caching techniques, but It’s insanely fast as-is.

I’ve found managed WordPress hosts to be too expensive, especially for “agency” style set ups (i.e. 100+ sites). And too restrictive (the limits on pageviews just make no sense to me). If I had to choose, I’m really impressed with what I’ve seen from Kinsta and their cutting edge use of technology, their lack of pageview limits, and freely sharing knowledge with the community.

Shared hosting tends to cram you on servers with a bunch of junky sites. Plus you don’t have control over the server stack and other software installed. It’s designed to support a wide variety of PHP-based applications. But WordPress has the advantage of a lot of performance research already gone into it.

Devin Price on migrating to Digital Ocean
(Gary Weiner) #2

I have a managed, dedicated server that I lease from Pair.com. I like this solution for several reasons.

  1. Only my clients are on the server. I don’t have to worry about someone I don’t know taking the server down
  2. I can run whatever plugins/software/configurations I like. Shared hosting often has restrictions
  3. I can offer hosting to my clients, packaging in support and management, and make a reasonable profit
  4. I can create and delete new sites as needed on my own. I can spin out sites as I need for testing and experimentation and it doesn’t cost me a dime.

Pair’s managed servers are more expensive than a bare server you might get at Rackspace or wherever, but they handle all the server level stuff that I frankly don’t have time for. I have some basic, server admin skills, but the last think I want to do is worry about exploits and patches.

(Leland Fiegel) #3

Interesting. How many sites are you running on it, if you don’t mind me asking? Do you run any sort of control panel software on it?

(Gary Weiner) #4

I have a couple dozen sites on it now. A half dozen client Wordpress sites. A few WP sites for my personal use plus a couple sandbox sites for testing. I have a few non-WP custom sites for clients that consist of legacy PHP code. Still plenty of space on that server.

Pair provides me with their custom control panel. It provides easy access to most of the server functions, but it’s not as fully featured as something like cPanel. I generally do the WordPress installs by hand.

The only things I give clients access to are the WP Dashboard and occasionally an FTP account. I have to do all the admin work like creating e-mail accounts and such.

(James Huff) #5

I put a vote in for managed, but it’s actually for DreamPress, which is not listed. :slight_smile:

(Leland Fiegel) #6

Added DreamPress, I’ve heard of it before but it slipped my mind while making this. Curious, how has your experience with it been?

(Jonathan Atkinson) #7

I’ve used quite a few in my time, including the obvious ones like Media Temple. I have been with Hostdime in Florida now for almost 9 years and have reseller, shared and dedicated servers (managed) - No limits on my servers and I can get thousands of page view per hour from my commercial themes for sales at ThemeForest. The staff are exceptional (really!), tickets and chat available and they are VERY quick with response times. Anyways, check them out if you want at hostdime.com.

(Olaf Lederer) #8

For shared hosting is Webfaction an excellent choice. It’s not a host for the beginner and you’re able to do a lot of things using the command line (I installed Newrelic for my PHP applications for example)

(James Huff) #9

It’s been great so far! My primary site MacManX.com is with them, and I’m moving a second to them next week. Compared to other managed hosts, I love the auto-scaling memory, the unlimited space and bandwidth with no silly page view restrictions, and that it’s essentially designed and overseen by WordPress core contributed Mike “Shredder” Schroder and very active (or rather prolific) WordPress Support Forum volunteer Mika “Ipstenu” Epstein.

(Olaf Lederer) #10

@MacManX , Dreampress is just like many other shared hosting. The difference to the other plans is Varnish and maybe to the do not so much overselling. I think their new product is not just new (better) product, but a reaction to get “nasty” Wordpress websites away from the general shared platform.

(Leland Fiegel) #11

Very interesting. Sounds like they’re investing in some quality talent.

(James Huff) #12

DreamPress is a VPS, not shared: http://wiki.dreamhost.com/DreamPress#Technical_Details

The less technical details: http://www.dreamhost.com/hosting/wordpress/

(Olaf Lederer) #13

Okay the technical setup seems to be different, but were are technical specs you should have on a VPS?
I see not how much RAM or CPU you get and you don’t have access as root, sounds really like shared hosting :smile:

(James Huff) #14

RAM is in the technical details posted above, “auto-scale RAM (memory) dynamically (customers cannot modify the RAM allocation),” CPU is really irrelevant as this supports a single WordPress install only. 1 CPU would be fine, and I assume no more than 2 for sure, but I haven’t seen any performance problems myself.

You don’t have access to root, because there is no reason to. They only support one WordPress installation per instance, nothing else, just like other managed WordPress hosts at that price level.

It’s definitely not shared. :slight_smile:

(The Dragon) #15

I think it’s hard to say who is the best as it depends on the circumstances, skill set and sometimes ability to decipher the pricing algos. The good news is I think it’s probably easier than ever to move sites to another service is needed, especially with WordPress. One company not mentioned I’ve used is ServInt.

Chris Lema posted a video about his recently switching from WP Engine to Page.ly.

(AJ Zane) #16

I recently made the jump to SiteGround Cloud Hosting and have been ridiculously impressed.

They have some WP-specific add-ons that you can buy for caching/CDN but they also set you up with SSH access, WP-Cli, and a really great support chat when you need it. Beyond that, they have automated backups, one click staging, one click push to prod, and git hosting.

Their cloud package is definitely not an AWS/Digital Ocean setup, but the tools they develop make them much more valuable than a service like the MediaTemple DV.

(Nate Wright) #17

You might want to keep an eye on HostingReview.io, an upcoming project from @stevengliebe. He’s tracking and compiling social media comments about hosts. Looks interesting.

(Leland Fiegel) #18

Looks like HostGator has entered the fray: www.hostgator.com/managed-wordpress-hosting


I use Digital Ocean with ServerPilot.
It is not much harder to set up server than with shared host and not comparable in regard to performance with similar price. I use it several months for tens of website without one second downtime or any trouble, any restriction.

Can not imagine to use shared host in 2015 :smiley: Before I used CloudWays. Overall it was good experience with them and still can recommend it for those who need support, backups and some kind of managed things around.

My opinion is that Dream, Blue, Gator or any other affiliate monsters are probably good just for grandma receipts, not for any serious/profitable website. I see majority of “managed WP hostings” in the same basket.

Btw. where is that poll?

(Brian Ross) #20

I use DigitalOcean… Current setup is two 512 VPS’s splitting Nginx and MySQL with a private IP. It’s been rock solid and hasn’t had any issues with downtime.

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