Poll: Best WordPress hosting?


Hey @est73, do you think is it worth to set up different server for database? As you can compare 2x 512 to one 1GB server …

(Brian Ross) #22

After a year of having my server this way I can’t say it’s been worth it because my traffic has been low. The only real benefit going with two 512 VPS is each server has 1 core each (2 total) and the 1gb plan is still only 1 core.

Anyway to be honest I’m thinking about just moving back to one server just for the convenience.

(Leland Fiegel) #23

Good question. :smiley:

Apparently polls needed to be “migrated” after a new version of Discourse was released.

It’s there now.

Off topic: Y’all are free to make your own polls here using this method.

(Alex B) #24

Hi all, just noticed this topic from a while back. Well, we’ve been looking for a reliable WordPress host for a while and each one has its limitations or annoyances like plugin restrictions, pricing and lack of WordPress specific support. We finally decided to run our own thing and offer it to our customers. We’ve worked on our setup for over a year and have tested it very well against various scenarios. We had our share of viruses and performance issues and came up with very good ways to deal with all these. We now use a combination of cloudflare, cloudlinux and our own site management, cloning and security architecture that we specifically developed based on the issues and requests from our customers. You are welcome to give our service a try and we are always happy to hear recommendations and comments from everyone. Here’s the link to features: https://ezmanagedhosting.com/managed-wordpress-hosting-features/

(Jesse) #25

At the risk of turning this into a self-plugging topic (feel free to delete) I’d answer: BOTH.

That is, BOTH DigitalOcean AND management is the concept at LittleBizzy because there is truly no reason to develop a custom cloud interface, custom CDN, etc instead of integrating with market leaders – unless, of course, a web host is trying to reduce (too many of?) their costs.

Our goal is quality-first – not costs-first, and not scale-first (MaxCDN guest post on this soon!).

We also use WooCommerce on our own cloud for our homepage, which no other “WordPress hosting” company currently does, so anything we learn passes to-from our client configurations:

That being said it is great to hear about some of these, such as Kinsta, ZippyKid, etc! :wink:

(Chris Rault) #26

Another option not mentioned - DigitalOcean with ServerPilot. That makes a big difference, as ServerPilot does all the work setting up your DO Droplet, heavily optimized for WordPress. Best of all is it’s free for 1 user with unlimited apps. I’ve just got my hosting bill down to $20 (+ $10 for static hosting with Forge). I just setup a multisite for some of my product demos and the site is flying. Also, even though it’s unmanaged, DO’s support is great. I got a reply within a couple of hours and the guy was super helpful.

(Jesse) #27

ServerPilot is definitely cool, but its honestly not very well optimized for WordPress. For example, they only support HTTP/2 on their paid plans. Their Nginx configuration, PHP (FPM?) configuration, and so forth also are not very well optimized for speed/etc and no way to alter that either. Even when paying $10/server on their paid plans, there are still not many configuration options :cry:

Their free version only offers 1 SFTP user, so its impossible to use for clients, teams, etc.

Even EasyEngine which is free has more config options than ServerPilot currently does (though I have my own unique LEMP stack setup that I prefer for WordPress speed/security).


Still it outperforms anything in that price range. (not sure if even something more powerful combined with easy of use exists). Optimization starts that it does not install unnecessary additional software like PHPadmin or many other monitoring and managing tools, so it stay lean and fast.
If we talk about hostings, it’s better not to talk about some “free” versions.

(Jesse) #29

@petercralen fair enough but…

ServerPilot: VPS (1GB RAM, 1 CPU) + HTTP/2 + SFTP + free SSL + MySQL 5.5 (?) = $20/mo

LittleBizzy: VPS (1GB RAM, 1 CPU) + HTTP/2 + SFTP + free SSL + MySQL 5.6 + CodeGuard + UptimeRobot + WP StageCoach + Opcache + DNS management + free migration = $20/mo

There are some other up and coming hosts using DO, Linode, etc as well.

Another thing about ServerPilot is they don’t use the standard Linux repositories and I think they also force multiple versions of PHP to be installed on certain setups, which can be a performance issue.


:wink: You just forgot that in your service the SFTP is extra 20$ (?), limit one domain/database (!?) and not full SSH access probably too. So it’s completely different thing in more aspects. (I don’t mean worse).
You are more managed, more like regular hosting with backups and staff around, just sits on Digital Ocean servers.

Compared to ServerPilot you provide some additional (paid) service but with ServerPilot there is no limitation. User own DO droplet, so can do whatever need on the server, own more freedom and flexibility :eggplant:

(Corey) #31

I’ve had really good luck with Pressidium. Amazing support, by far the best I’ve ever experienced.

(Chris Rault) #32

Thanks for your input Jesse & Peter! I hadn’t seen EasyEngine or LittleBizzy before, so I’ll defo’s check them out.

In my case, being a solopreneur, the 1 user limit is fine for me and it means no fees needed for ServerPilot - just the $20 a month I pay to DO. I might do the $10 upgrade on ServerPilot, which gives unlimited SFTP user, SSL on demand, server monitoring and more.

That said it’s not necessarily the stack I’d recommend to clients either :slight_smile:

The biggest put off for me with LittleBizzy is the one domain limit. On DO + SeverPilot, I’m able to install as many apps as needed. Most of which are demo sites and smaller blogs with not much traffic.

(Jesse) #33

What can I say – clearly guys on WPChat / hardcore developers are not our audience, but more so design agencies and resellers who are looking for a strategic technical / scaling partner:

The “one domain limit” is because we target “money” sites looking for total stability (and eventually, PCI compliance, etc) and not cheap deal-seekers looking to overload cPanel with 25+ domains :smirk:

Example: wholesale.ca = Toronto datacenter & wholesale.sg = Singapore datacenter

(Alex de Borba) #34

I have my sites hosted with them and I do not feel that lucky as you. Constant error pages and limitations makes me consider moving elsewhere.

(Mustaasam Saleem) #35

Hi all,

One of the members of WordPress Hosting Facebook group created a poll asked members to rate the recommended hosting. I think it’s worth have a look, what WordPress community is saying. Here is the direct URL:

(Leland Fiegel) #36

Hey @MustaasamSaleem, I joined the group and tried to find the discussion, but the link just redirects back to /groups/wphosting/ …was the poll removed?

(Mustaasam Saleem) #37

Hi @leland

The poll is still there with the same URL. There might be something else happened at your end. Can you please recheck it :slight_smile:


(Leland Fiegel) #38

You’re totally right! I (ignorantly) didn’t realize an admin had to approve me before I could see stuff inside. I can see it now that I am approved. Thanks for sharing!

(Mustaasam Saleem) #39

My pleasure @leland.

Btw, I’m new to WPChat, found it a good resource for WordPress.

(Faruk Erdogan) #40

I have used a few hosting providers and now I am using DO on Cloudways because of their support.