Poll: How much are you willing to pay for a theme?

(Leland Fiegel) #1

According to the recent Array Redesign Survey, it seems like the consensus price for a single theme was $49.

A price for a theme club membership wasn’t much more at $89, less than double the $49 number for an individual theme.

The $49 price point seems to be inline with around what ThemeForest sets per WordPress theme, give or take 10 bucks or so depending on “complexity.”

Elma Studio sells individual themes at 18 Euros each, with bundle pricing at 48 Euros.

Some theme authors, however, set much higher price points. For example, Professional Themes sells themes for $175 each on WordPress.com.

Note the question is asking how much you would pay for a WordPress theme, not how much a theme is worth.

  • $0. There are so many great free themes out there, I can’t imagine ever paying for one.
  • $1 - $30. I don’t need support, just a nice looking theme for a specific purpose.
  • $30-$50. This is a price I’d be comfortable paying for my own personal use.
  • $50-$100. Still comfortable, if it fills a need and saves me time.
  • $100-$200. For a high-quality theme with a high-level of support expected.
  • $200+. For an “app theme” like a fully functional job board or directory website.
  • $Unlimited. Whatever my client is willing to sign off on and pay for.

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(Ben) #2

I’m going to abstain since I’m biased (selling themes myself) however I think one reason Array themes sells at that price is because they got their start on Themeforest - and so they carried their customers across from theme forest, and they had to stay competitive/ comparable.

(Miroslav Glavić) #3

I put $50-$100 because I wasn’t given the choice I wanted…

For MY sites under $100. Someone else is paying(client)…unlimited.

(Leland Fiegel) #4

Yeah, in retrospect the last option doesn’t really make sense because it’s not really “you” paying for it.

(Yash Chandra) #5

If I can use it with unlimited licenses for client sites, I will gladly pay $100-$200 for a high quality well supported theme. The thing that I notice about a lot of theme sellers is that they either sell on themeforest which has a horrible license policy when it comes to unlimited licenses (there is none…u have to buy the license multiple times which is stupid) OR they don’t even offer a unlimited type of license for agencies.

It is difficult for find high quality themes that sell outside themeforest with unlimited licenses. When I find one, I gladly pay for those and up to $200 is reasonable.

(Nate Wright) #6

A little late here, but I’d just point out that Array is going to have a very unique customer in the theme marketplace. I wouldn’t generalize much from their data.

In my opinion, the price you set is primarily about the customer you want to get, and the kind of relationship you want to have with that customer. Themes are a dime a dozen and few buyers can properly evaluate the quality of the item they’re purchasing.

(FoolPress) #7

It’s a tricky question to answer.
If it’s a theme/framework I can use on multiple client sites, is really flexible, is updated regularly, isn’t bloated etc then I’m willing to pay up to $200. If it’s a niche theme that I can only us on one site then we’re talking closer to $20-30 but it better be a damn good theme.