Poll: Should WPChat be served over HTTPS?

Like the title states, should WPChat be served over HTTPS?

  • Yes
  • No

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I’m leaning towards yes, just have to figure out how to do it with Discourse.

I’m (slowly) looking over the discourse git files. Unless there are excessive http calls to external js libraries from Google or elsewhere, I’m not seeing any reason why it can’t be changed to httpS://

I’d recommend the free SSL certificate from https://www.startssl.com/

I’ve heard of this. They charge $25 if you ever need to revoke though (causing some controversy when Heartbleed was first announced).

I usually go for a CA reseller like SSLs.com (a NameCheap company) where you can get a 5 year Comodo certificate for like $5 per year.

The question is moot, since all websites should be https.

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The people have spoken. WPChat now HTTPS’ all the things.

(This topic is also now closed.)