Question regarding selling a WP theme


Hi guys! Where would one go if he wanted to sell the ownership rights to a free WordPress theme and if anyone has any advice on how to set a price on it :smile:?

(Ben) #2

I don’t have any advice I’m afraid since I have not done this before - but you can’t post that and not link to the theme in question :smile:


I don’t really want to post it here but If you search my name on’s themes repo you will find it. There is also a demo link for the new updated version of the theme in the first forum support thread :wink:

(Ben) #4

I think I’m with you :smile:

Are you planning to sell the site or just that one theme?

Could I ask the reason for the sale?


Just the theme :slight_smile: and no reason for sale, just checking my options. I have a big theme update already developed, but I didn’t release it yet, just in case it gets a new owner and he wants to make it a premium version or something. If nothing comes up I will release it myself, no problem :smile:

(Leland Fiegel) #6

It’s tough to value a free WordPress theme, but it would boil down to download count, active users (tough to accurately measure, I know), overall theme quality, and premium upsell “potential.”

Could be looking at at least a four figure mark if it’s good, possibly more if it’s really popular.

How would it logistically work though? Would staff help you “transfer” a single theme to a new owner’s account?

I’ve heard of theme shop acquisitions where (I’m assuming) the entire brand account on is passed off with no problem, but a single theme, I’m not so sure about.

And the buyer would probably want to take the existing theme over, not just upload it fresh to their own account, so they can update it with new upselly things and market to the existing user base.


I asked around and it seems moving a theme to another account is just an email away…

May I ask what you consider really popular, like top 30 or something :smile:?

I think my theme has the potential for upsell, at least with the new added features. You can see the demos here and . It’s a lot different/improved than the original.

(Leland Fiegel) #8

Cool, sound straightforward enough. I’ve never done it before so wasn’t sure how it worked.

You mean like top 30 downloaded of all time? Definitely, I’d say that’s really popular.

Wow, very impressive theme!

(Miroslav Glavić) #9

So you want someone to pay you for your FREE theme? I don’t think you will be a millionaire any time soon.

If I buy a theme, I want to make money out of it. That’s why anyone spends money on a theme/plugin.

What’s to stop me right now from downloading your theme and forking it, thus “getting your theme” for free.

Not that I will, I am waiting for my pizza to be delivered. Yes I am having Pizza for lunch.


I didn’t say anywhere that I want to be a millionaire after selling a theme :slight_smile: I just wanted to know if there is a possibility to sell it and information on how these are priced. Maybe someone sold something similar and wanted to share some info. Nothing more. Anyway, enjoy your lunch :pizza:


Its more about to pay for users, established theme with some kind of popularity - traffic.
@nofearinc wrote it in his post nice “I realized that code itself does not matter at all

(Mauel Vicedo) #12

You could sell the theme, but personally I wouldn’t be too interested.

Rather, it’d be a better deal if you had an ongoing business around the theme. By that, I mean having a decent subscriber list, a well designed demo, a promotional site that ranks well in Google, and so on.

If the theme itself was well established, it would be something else altogether. Think like the Responsive theme, which I believe was bought out by Cyber Chimps back in the day. The main reason for the sale was not due to features or design, but because of the brand.

If you have a theme that consistently pulls thousands of downloads every day, then it would be appealing to buyers. That kind of visibility can in turn be used to generate revenue and cover the cost of the sale.