Recommendations for producing a sales page video for a WordPress plugin

Heya everyone,

Does anyone have recommendations for sales video production? I’ve a new plugin product in the oven, about ready to take out to go live, but I don’t want to go live until I produce a sales video for the homepage.

I was hunting down YouTubers who also had WordPress websites that might make a good fit, but I missed on all my marks. I imagine it’s a tough job. Stage has to be set. Producer has to have an familiarity with the product. Also has to have a vision on what would be a best script. I imagine many will be able to take a script and turn it into reality, but I’m looking for creative input along the way, and know that takes special character.

If anyone has any Agencies or individuals (preferably individuals/streamers/youtubers) that might be interested in this kind of work I’d love to hear recommendations. Maybe other product developers will find recommendations useful as well.

I’m not terrible at video, but have very little skill/experience with production. Only have basic tools like OBS. No filters. No special effect tools developed. And for this sales video I’m going for pop. Maybe a good radio host voice. Some intro animations. Maybe a news anchor giving the low down. Something fun. Something that balances captivation tricks with concept delivery.

Anyway happy to hear about your experiences/recommendations if you have them!


Will list these as I find them.

Heathclif would have made an excellent video and he admins his own WordPress site. He takes jobs but I couldn’t seal the deal. He’s so busy but I love his production skill!

How awesome would it be if I could get Tyler from SecureTeam10

“Hi I’m Tyler from SecureTeam10 and I’d like you to check out an out of this world WordPress plugin…” :smiley:

MyThemeShop is a lead:

ThemeIsle is doing a great job with their product line.

Hot lead alert.

WP Business Reviews are doing a good job

CreativeMinds are doing a good job.

Eyes are on WP Business Club

Alexandra Dinca

WP Bright Ideas did a good video, but only seeing one published. May be an outsource job.

Web Monkey is producing WordPress videos

Kev’s Crypto Channel is doing walkthroughs

Matt Report has a nice setup for his review videos

Darrel Wilson is in the game

WPLearningLab is making videos

Neil Patel showing great production skill

Finally some music. Alessandro Perta doing a great job.

WP Event Manager may have outsourced this illustrated explainer. They did a good job. I like it

Larry Snow is including production into his video format. It really makes a difference.

Themekraft is seeming to handle their own production and doing a well job

Monkeypod Marketing

Stylmex Themes

Tyler More has an amazing subscriber count and does WordPress videos

Katrinah also has great engagement

Kori Ashton does WordPress engagement videos and has quite a following

MAKTV has a deskbased format that I really like.

Reserving this section for marketplaces I find:

This one stands out. Some of the pricing is painful. I hope to leverage cross promotion to shave off some of bottom line.

Reserved for Fiverr Leads


Doesn’t seem to have a video category.

Envato Sudios