Recommended shortcode framework?

(Alex P) #1

I’m looking for a shortcode plugin/framework, ideally with the following requirements:

  1. extendable - define new custom shortcodes
  2. file-based - for easier re-usage and deployment
  3. visual - integrated in the editor: toolbar menu + some placeholder in the RTE, ideally editable – the way the default wp [gallery] is.

The ones I managed to get by so far I found to be either too bloated for my liking, are storing the shortcodes in the db (ex Shortcodes Ultimate (Maker)) or are parts of other bigger frameworks (Unyson, Piklist – buggy on first try) I wouldn’t necessarily be keen on installing just for the shortcode capability.

Are there any alternatives you fine ppl would recommend?

PS. I started looking for shortcodes after stumbling upon Aesop Engine, after I realised something similar could be achieved with a collection of custom shortcodes.

(Scott Wyden Kivowitz) #2

We recently switched NextGEN Gallery over to Visual Shortcodes. Unfortunately there was no direct path the WP community was going for them. The current Visual Shortcode API isn’t complete, and Shortcake wasn’t confirmed to become the new standard. So we wound up building our own which can be adopted to either API in the future.

With that said, Visual Shortcodes are definitely the future of shortcodes in WordPress. It’s just a matter of which API will be the one used officially.

(Zackary Allnutt) #3

I’ve looked extensively for something and not found anything suitable. Any that exist are for end users and ship with tons of shortcodes.

(Alex P) #4

Thank you very much. I had a quick test run and it seems promising, possibly what I’ve been looking for :bulb:

Reference (if somebody should stumble upon this thread later on): Shortcake (Shortcode UI) (+ Shortcake Bakery for sample shortcodes).