Released a new plugin to the WordPress directory - TweetBoostFree

(Hudson Atwell) #1

Hey everyone. Just an announcement. Fellow Codeable expert Matthew Bissett and I released a new plugin together named TweetBoost Free.

Really simple stuff. Just allows or you to create/schedule a tweet from within the post edit screen. The pro version allows for multiple variations to be scheduled, making it a cool tool for plotting out re-marketing schedules. Pro version also has a RSS component that can be fed into Zapier to hit multiple targets at the same time, but the free version doesn’t.

Free version is simple beans, but still solid if you are looking to craft a tweet manually from within WordPress while you’re building out the content.

Thanks for taking a look!

(Daniel Iser) #2

This looks pretty awesome (in functionality). Heavily considering the paid version within a few minutes of looking at it. I do have a few questions, sent you a PM as well.

Does hooking up to 5 accounts mean I can schedule tweets for multiple accounts from one site? Does that not violate Twitter ToS?

(Hudson Atwell) #3

@danieliser Thanks!

It could be considered against Twitter TOS to use multiple accounts. I believe it’s how you use multiple accounts that will determine if they’ll allow it or not.

Say you have two properties: One focuses on messages to developers, one for normal consumers. Then you create a piece of content. You create one tweet targeting your normal consumers, and another targeting developers. Both tweets point back to the same content yet they’re context’d appropriately to their audience. I do not imagine cases like this will have any issue. It’s the most appropriate way to push content to multiple properties.

Twitter Automation TOS does not want you posting duplicate material though, and they iterate that publishing duplicate material to multiple accounts is equally not accepted.

If you create, say, 5 different persona account to simulate organic sharing activity then you might find that Twitter detects this and revokes your keys.

Although the PRO version does allow for repeating schedules/tweets, the operator has to be aware that doing this is also frowned upon and could result in your API Key being revoked, maybe even the account suspended. So when/if this powerful feature is ever leveraged the user will have to make sure that it’s going to pass a manual inspection if audited and it serves a value-added use case, and not a deception driven use case.

When I use this tool I do not repeat schedules for this reason. Though I personally would not be afraid to setup a marketing campaign that promoted a seasonal coupon every holliday season and repeated on a yearly basis. I don’t think Twitter would take offense at this re-marketing strategy as it’s a value-added use case, and repeating a tweet once a year is not spammy and does not harm anyone’s consumer experience.

We also did not bake in schedule repeating into the Free version. It’s too powerful and would lend to abuse.

Here’s Twitters automation TOS. With TweetBoost PRO the user has to be mindful to not abuse the power in the utility and plan usage according to what they believe is in line with the TOS. And at any point if a user isn’t sure if their strategy will fly, they can ask the Twitter team directly to see. I believe they’re more value focused than unbending rule driven.