Ruby on Rails, etc

Does anyone here code Ruby or Ruby on Rails? It’s always something that’s tempted me for sites that are more of a product where WordPress might just get in the way of some simple things.

I’ve played with it a bit but need to make some more time to spend playing with it.

I’m interested to here if many people switch between WP and another coding language or different projects.

Interested in some answers to this as well. I’ve always wanted to explore Ruby but just never got around to it.

I’ve built products for clients on Rails (and Ruby in general) in the past aswell as having worked professionally with WordPress since 2007.

I’ve found myself using Rails less and less as WordPress starts to mature as an application framework.

Of course there are still very good reasons to avoid using WordPress for building web applications (such as the lack of fine grained control over DB structures for large scale web applications) but I think with time these reasons are diminishing with advances within WordPress.

I think in 2014 that WordPress acts as a great proxy framework for building simple applications for clients within a familiar environment rather than having to branch out a learn another new shiny technology.

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