Say hello and introduce yourself

(Yannick) #114

Hi Everyone !

My name’s Yannick. I’m 34yo, living in Lille (France). I’ve been a user of WordPress since 2009 and my first blog about football. I’m now a marketer and business developer for the company Jackmail, a WordPress plugin to create and send newsletters (yes, it includes a real routing platform to avoid you to fiddle with smtp settings).

I’m here to help, and to be helped :slightly_smiling_face:

(Tavleen) #115

Hi Everyone!

I am Tavleen and I’m the co-founder of XLPlugins. My company builds plugins for WooCommerce store owners that help them increase store conversion.

I first used WordPress to set up my own blog back in 2007.

I still love to write and I write blog posts and also create a lot of videos. When I am not working I am enjoying a hot cup of Indian chai with cinnamon cookies or baking (stories not cake, of course! ;).

(Moeez) #116

Hello WordPress enthusiasts!

I am Mohammed Moeez. I am a WordPress blogger at WPblog. We are a WordPress resource website and we publish content on WordPress themes, plugins, hosting and WordPress tutorials.

Looking forward to having a great time interacting with many WordPress users! :smiley:

(alexander biscajin) #117

Hello everyone. My name is Alexander and i am new to this WPchat community. I hope i met WordPress experts here who will share their experiences and let me lean more about WordPress.

(Mads Jacobsen) #119

Hey guys, I’m a new wordpress user working at a start-up company. We’re building a platform and I’m in charge of making it work (lucky me xD). So, I’m hoping this is a place I can come and get help (I found it while looking for help). Happy new years :slight_smile:

(daniele vassalli) #120

Ciao sono Daniele Vasalli, sono un webmaster Italiano. Sviluppato molti siti e plugin per wordpress.
L’ultimo sito che ho sviluppato è quello della chat di ciao amigos

(Shamir) #121


I am Shamir. I am here to ask so many doubts about WordPress and help answer some of the doubts that others might have.

(Zafer) #122

Hi everyone,

I am Zafer.
I am really new to Wordpress and so to WPChat Community.
I think this platform will be very useful for me. Hoping to meet experts here who will share their knowledge and experiences about Wordpress.

(Davide) #123

Hi there folks! This is Davide from Rome, Italy. I am the co-founder of Momate, a software and web development agency. We mainly focus on WordPress and WooCommerce development for clients. We also do digital marketing at times, depending on the project at hand.

Of course, we work with different frameworks and languages when necessary. I am talking about Django, Python, PHP, JS, etc. Anyhow, just wanted to introduce my self, and I hope to learn from the community as well as network with you all … hope to get to know you all here at WP Chat.

(mithun sharma) #124

Hello Friends,

My name is Mithun Sharma, and I recently started my career as a ui designer.
I started using wordpress for about a month now. I would like to involve in the technical conversations and get some good suggestions from professionals here.

(Andy) #125

Hello fellow WP enthusiasts.

My name is Andy from Yorkshire, England and I started as an occasional WP user around 7 years ago. Over the years progressing from my own basic sites to client work building WP sites for local businesses to now developing themes.

Hope to be able to share my knowledge and learn from everyone here.

(Leon Stafford) #126

Greetings, WP’ers!

Leon Stafford, author of the WP Static HTML Output plugin here.

Getting more active on developing the plugin now, so diving back into the WP community after 7 years of skirting around the edges.

Looking forward to chatting with some users of the plugin and figuring out what people are wanting from it.


(Yaovi) #127

Hello everyone,
Name is Yaovi started using WordPress about 3 years ago and it has changed the way i develop websites. Just looking to learning more here and expanding my knowledge.

(Penn Wooding) #128

Hi, my name is Penn and I live in the picturesque fishing port of Brixham which is located in the county of Devon along the south-west coast of England.

I created my first website back in 2004 to basically document my life as a wheelchair user.

In 2006 I created my personal website and also I still run both websites as hobbyists sites although I do not keep Oscar fish any longer. Both sites use the Joomla! CMS platform.

You may wonder why I’m here on a WordPress forum when I’m using Joomla!. Well, they are quite similar in structure and I have messed around with a WordPress site just to see what it’s like. As of yet, I haven’t actually created a fully functioning website using WordPress, but that will soon change because I’m going to redesign a couple of websites I have done for other people and use WordPress.

Apart from messing around with websites, my other two big hobbies are angling and amateur radio. If you are a licensed radio ham then listen out for me, my call is G0VQY

(Bart) #129

Hello, my name is Bart and I am developer and marketer with over decade experience.
I am slowly building Wordpress themes portfolio - I hope to release first templates in a month/two time.

(Danny Cooper) #130

Hi everyone, happy to be here! :partying_face:

I’ve made a few small contributions to WordPress Core and Gutenberg. I’m also on the Theme Review Team.

(Bijay Gupta) #131

Hello Everyone,

I’m Bijay and I’ve been using WordPress for the last 4 years.

Being a WordPress Enthusiast I created, a WordPress Resources site aimed to help out every WordPress Enthusiast’s like us.

Looking forward to share and learn more about the platform.

(Barry Scaife) #132

Hello Friends,

I am a tech blogger and I blog at Silicophilic. Nice to meet you all here. Thanks Guys.

(Brandon) #133

Hello everyone,

I’m a California native who started with WordPress in 2011. Since then it’s been a wonderful adventure building tons of websites and working on web projects of all kinds. This has led me to be the Head of Marketing @, a managed eCommerce platform for selling WordPress plugins and themes. Freemius is really an awesome platform, and if you sell WordPress products, it’s worth taking a look!

I found out about Freemius when I launched my first plugin called WP Stripe Global Payments. It’s a simple and well-designed payment form built for entrepreneurs and small businesses that allows you to easily accept a wide variety of supported global payment methods.
(I would love your feedback!)

Glad to be part of the community and looking forward to contributing some useful info! :smile:

(Sonal Sinha) #134

Hey everyone,

I have been doing business from 2010 and run a company named Shri Krishna Technologies for creating custom WordPress websites for all of our clients worldwide.

In 2013 i started this WordPress themes shop and since then has been a ride of ups and down with SEO as well as knowing more people. I am also a WordCamp organizer in my city in India and have been meeting a lot of WordPress developers. Do contribute regularly to WordPress dot org as well.

Look forward to interacting more often on this forum.