Say hello and introduce yourself

(Gary Weiner) #1

I hope this post isn’t out of line and that I’ve picked the correct category for it. In my experience with internet foruming, a new site like this needs a place for people to check in, introduce themselves and say hello. I get the idea that a lot of you out there maybe know each other already, but I’m going to go ahead and try this anyway.

Since I started this, I guess I’ll go first.

The first thing I’d want to say about myself is that I’m more of a dabbler than a developer. I pay my mortgage working in a scientific research support role, so this WordPress thing is mostly a side gig for me. I’ve been doing various types of freelance computer work for twenty years now. I’ve done everything from fix people’s computers (ugh, never again) to database processing and analysis for direct mail (I’ll be spending some time in purgatory for that) to too many different flavors of web development and programming.

I started working with computers when I was 14 years old, which doesn’t sound that impressive these days except that I was born in 1966. The first machine I wrote code on was a Timex/Sinclair 1000 and the first one I owned was a Commodore 64. My washing machine now has more computing power than my first computer did. I’m kind of an old-timey computer guy, despite only being 47. I’m kind of a curmudgeon and I’m happy to tell all you whippersnappers to get off my lawn.

These days I mostly do WordPress, except for legacy stuff and the odd PHP wrangling gig. I have a couple dozen active clients now, the biggest one being, the oldest, fan-run website covering the New York Football Giants.

I live on Long Island in New York with my beautiful wife, precocious daughter and enormous, white dog.

(Jeff C) #2

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My name is Jeff Chandler, I’ve been using WordPress for over 7 years. I’m a tinkerer, have never done client work and have always been around content generation. However, I’m best suited playing the role of connector. Connecting people to other people, topics to people, news stories to people, and vice versa. This forum is right up my alley. I live in Ohio and love my 10 year old Yorkie to death.

(James Huff) #3


I’m James Huff, I started using WordPress almost 10 years ago and immediately got involved in the support forums. I was actually waiting for a reply myself and had nothing better to do.

Fast forward to 2010 when I was hired as a Happiness Engineer by Automattic, and I’m still volunteering in the support forums. :smile:

I’m out here in sunny dry California where I maintain a quiet life filled with loud thoughts. Arbitrary shameless plug for is totally shameless and not entirely arbitrary.

California is a tinder box
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(Eric Daams) #5

My name is Eric Daams. I build WordPress plugins and themes for Studio 164a, a tiny little company that I started with a good friend of mine, Wes Franklin. He makes everything look nice. :smile:

I must have started with WordPress as a user in 2006. I ran a blog about the local football (aka soccer) team in Melbourne. Pretty sure I used the Copyblogger theme. Later I ran another blog about tea, called Tea Finely Brewed (it’s still out there on the interwebs, but please don’t judge me by it – it hasn’t been touched in years). It was while running that blog that I discovered I really liked coding, which eventually led to me quitting my job and becoming a freelance developer. I did a bunch of non-WordPress stuff originally, but these days it’s all WordPress except for one client project I still help out on.

I live in Darwin, Australia. It’s a small-ish city right up the north of the country. Nice tropical weather and very much unlike other Australian cities. Front-page news here is regularly a crocodile related story. :smile:

(Olaf Lederer) #6


I’m Olaf, a web developer from the Netherlands. I build websites since more than 10 yeard and my oldest WordPress install is my Web Development Blog (init. version was 1.5). Beside building websites and the Internet, I like to cook (BBQ is my favorit). To keep everything in shape (I’m alredy 43), I spent a lot of time at the gym and follow LesMills classes: BodyPump, GRIT, BodyStep, BodyComdat and BodyAttack. On my website at I write frequently about WordPress, PHP and online marketing.

(Edward Caissie) #7

My current “less than 140”:

Lead Happiness Engineer – NextGEN Gallery; WordPress Junkie, Developer, Designer; Chess Enthusiast; Guitar player; Photographer … I am Cais

(Thomas Hoefter) #8

Hi everyone, I am Thomas from Germany. I have been working with WordPress and selling premium plugins for close to 6 years now. Doing so has changed my live and allowed me to travel to lots of places.

Despite working with WP I did not know much about or feel like a part of the community for the first few years. Just last year have I started to follow the community more and this year I launched a few feeble attempts to contribute back (namely with 2 free plugins and my site WPscoop, where I am trying to build a resource for comparing and reviewing commercial plugins).

(Joel Warren) #9

I’ll jump in here, I’ve been working with WordPress for a couple years. Played with HTML since I was a kids and worked in the industry since Uni. Bounced around a couple of companies & agencies doing website design and dev until I started a business 2 years ago to work directly with clients to design and develop websites for their business. I enjoy the business side of things as well as the design, development and everything else that comes into it.

Keen surfer & based just south of Sydney, Australia. Starting to look more at contributing to WordPress and also growing my business.

(Niels van Renselaar) #10

Small post here! I am Niels from the Netherlands. Working with WordPress on a professional basis for about 5 years. Mostly developing custom business plugins for several enterprises here in Holland. Also doing alot of custom theme development and hosting with Media-Enzo. I am a moderator on the Dutch forums and hope to have a great time here ;).

(Jean-Baptiste) #11

I’m Jean-Baptiste from France. I’ve been working with WordPress since many years ago. One year ago I’ve created with 2 friends, WP Rocket a premium caching plugin.

I like to cook, riding bike and practice sports.

(Mark Senff) #12

Hello my name is Mark Senff, and I’m a Dutchman who moved to Montreal, Canada a bit ago. Been working with WordPress for about 5 or 6 years, but only the past 2 years a lot more serious (after attending my first WordCamp), and getting increasingly passionate about it.

I’ve had jobs where working with WordPress was my main task, but I’m currently only doing any WP customizations (sites and plugins) in my own time – either freelancing or just hobbying around. Hopefully I’ll get another chance to make WordPress my day job again soon. Until then, I’ll get my fix from sites like these and the forum.

Nice to see a forum like this one, where we can just chat about WP stuff and not always have to tackle problems. :slight_smile:

(Syed Balkhi) #13

Hi Guys,

My name is Syed Balkhi, and I’m the founder of WPBeginner.

I’ve been using WordPress since 2006.

My company builds several WP products including but not limited OptinMonster, SoliloquyWP, Envira Gallery, etc.

I love attending and speaking at WordCamps. In my free time, I play basketball and travel.

(Jordi Cabot) #14

Hi everybody,

I’m a former Drupal addict that saw the light and convert to WordPress. I’m so happy I did the switch that I co-founded [Nelio][1] to help others follow my same path and get the most out of their WP site (A/B testing, conversion optimization,…).

I’ve been living in Nantes (France) for a few years now but I’m originally from the beautiful and sunny city of Barcelona.

And apart from discussing about WordPress, I love talking about software engineering / development in my not-WordPress-related [software modeling][2] website. Join me there as well to complain about the low-quality of software produced these days :smile:

(David Peralty) #15

My name is David Peralty, and I’ve done a little bit of everything with WordPress over the last ten years. I found out about WordPress around 0.72 and have been a fan ever since.

I currently live in Ontario, Canada just outside of Toronto. On Tuesday, I start a new job with a WP focused company. :slight_smile:

(Fikri Rasyid) #16

Hello from Bandung, Indonesia! My name is Fikri Rasyid and I make WordPress Themes and Plugins.

My story with WordPress was started on 2008: I decided to make my own .com blog but I didn’t like the appearance of the themes I could find at that time. So I tweaked and learned how to make a WordPress theme from this legendary “So You Want to Create WordPress Themes Huh?” post (anyone remember / learn from Potato Head’s post? sadly has been down) and I have been made WordPress themes ever since.

This might sound a cliché WordPress has changed my life confession but I do have to say WordPress has changed my life. I graduated from university with Bachelor of English Education degree on 2013 and I haven’t even used it because I prefer make WordPress themes / plugins and get paid for it.

(Knut Sparhell) #17

Hello from Norway

I’m 56 of age, live not far from Oslo, South Eastern Norway. My partner and I makes WordPress sites for clients, design and development, often quite tailor made.

I tried WordPress for the first time as far back as 2004, when it was just a “script” for bloggers and have closely followed it’s development since then.

My other interests are transportation, geography, travel, urbanism, politics, food, beer (IPA), arts, movies and other culture. Enjoys South East Asia, likes Northern America and loves Europe.

I found this site through Jeff at WP Tavern, which is just around the corner from this lounge.

(Kenneth Guintz) #18

I started using wordpress by accident. it was 2009 and i just finished my degree on nursing, i was working as a research a assistant which my side job was creating logo designs for each department of my school and also creates a lot database/ management of it to improve the workflow of my department when one of my boss asked me if i can help out on the organization that he is working with in building their website. all i knew at that time was i had a pretty hard core knowledge on html css and flash with a little bit experience on javascript… took me about a week to study the codex (which at that time was not really straight forward) i opened my introduction book module on object oriented programming. next thing i know was i became the organizations main guy for their website since then.

coming from Manila, its pretty rare to encounter people can talk about wordpress without feeling that its work and im that type guy that simply enjoys using wordpress and making fun stuff with it and not necessarily work. i like to mess around with code but at the same time likes to follow rules of coding when required.

Btw it was only in 2010 or 2011 that i discovered that yeah there’s part in the community where in people talk wordpress in casual manner (and as human as possible) like in WP tavern.

(Mike Price) #19

Hey Everyone!

Very happy to have found WPChat (via Twitter)! My name is Mike Price and I have been creating WordPress sites for myself and for others for about 4 years now. I am currently working for WP Engine in Austin Texas in Tech Support.

Born and raised in Texas but lived in San Francisco for 8 years until recently and have lived abroad in Taiwan on a couple of occasions. Look forward to meeting everyone here and joining the conversations :smile:

(Bowo) #20

WordPress user since 2010 I guess, but only really getting into development this year. Doing some client work, as well as probono projects for non-profits. Lots of catching up and learning to do. That’s why I created WordPress Newsboard recently to aggregate the latest in the ecosystem from 60+ sites and help myself and others stay up to date: