Say hello and introduce yourself

(Carl) #21

Hello from Warrington England! Yep it’s raining :wink:

I’m Carl, been using WordPress for the past 5 years or so and build client websites for small and start-up businesses. Although I love this job and WordPress, WP plugins are my real love, part owner of where we purchase premium plugins and review them, we also throw the odd free plugin in as well.

In my spare time when Im not thinking about WordPress I practice WingChun, watch films, enjoy the nights out and too many things to mention here.

Look forward to chatting and contributing the WPChat!

(Jason) #22


My name is Jason, and I’m a developer from Michigan. I’ve been developing for 10 years now, acting as a jack of all trades programming everything from PLC’s to cross-platform software and web. I’ve been using Wordpress for around… 5 years now, but have only started really digging into developing themes/plugins in the last year. I contract for, which is awesome because they’re a team of very talented designers (which I am not).

When not developing, I enjoy traveling with my wonderful wife and serving wherever I can.

Glad I found WPChat! This is probably the slickest forum I’ve ever seen! I really like it! And everyone seems friendly! :smile:

(Colm Troy) #23

Hi everybody,

I’m Colm. I’m a Co-founder of a new WordPress agency called MadeInContext. We also make WooCommerce themes and blog regularly about WooCommerce over at CommerceGurus.

Been working professionally with WordPress since around 2007. Mostly making themes but more recently also getting into plugin development.

Don’t be shy to say hi! Oh and we’re available for WordPress work at the moment if anyone needs anything done :slight_smile:

(Jimmy Smutek) #24

Hey, I’m Jimmy, from Baltimore, Maryland. I’m a self employed, freelancer, business owner, trying to make it on my own guy. I’ve been working in the design field for nearly 12 years and made the switch to full time web design about 2.5 years ago.

I got laid off from my job doing design and front end WordPress work back in August of 2013 and decided to make a go if it on my own. Just started my second year as a business owner. I am still sorting things out and finding my way - so much stuff to learn, so much stuff to do - but my focus is on designing WordPress based solutions for small businesses.

I’m working on a new site and new branding now that I plan to have launched by mid October. Yay!

Glad to be here, and excited to see this forum running on Discourse. I’ve been following the development of the Discourse project pretty much since the beginning.

(Jeff C) #25

Will you be attending WordCamp Ann Arbor this coming up weekend, October 4th?

Welcome to all of you new folks, enjoy your stay and post often!

(Jason) #26

You know, I’ve never attended a WordCamp, but I’d really like to. Unfortunately I don’t think I’d be able to make this weekend, but I’m going to start trying to pay better attention to the upcoming events. Thanks for asking!

(Jesse Pollak) #27

Hey y’all, I’m Jesse! I’m one of the founders of Clef and have been using WordPress since I started building things on the web. I’ll be at WordCamp SF if people are around and want to hang :smiley:

(Luis Rock) #28

My name is Luis Rock, I am from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I have a law career and I´ve been dealing with WP since 2012.

I help people creating WordPress to sell online courses, with WooCommerce or S2member.

Since 2013 I´ve been learning some PHP and I already have 2 plugins on the official repository:

Master-Ids and Master-Bar

Thanks for having me here.

(Brin Wilson) #29

Hello. My name is Brin Wilson. I run WinningWP and I’m a WordPress addict. I guess it all started when I was making static websites for people back in 2008-ish and a client of mine rejected my brilliant design for his new site because a friend of his had offered to do it cheaper than me - using something called ‘WordPress’… having no idea what WordPress was at the time I left the meeting thinking I’d been screwed over and whatever WordPress was, it was most-likely junk… I went straight home to research this new thing… a week later and I was convinced it was the future! And the rest is history!

Wait… Is this the right place? This IS the WordPress-anonymous meeting right? To help me get back to a normal life and ween myself off of WordPress… Huh, what, it isn’t? You’re all, errr, WordPress junkies trying to get more WordPress? Oh my… I’d better leave… :wink:

(Lucy) #30

Hi every one! My name is Lucy, I live in Spain, in a small village of the Mediterranean Coast, mother of a 1 year little girl
and a web developer for almost 10 years (PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL… also played around with ActionScript at the time)

I started using WordPress for a personal recipes blog (which I haven’t touched since I got pregnant in 2012). So that was my real first approach with WordPress as a user. I started to have an interest as a developer 1 year ago.
I currently work in a web agency where they decided to use WordPress to build the clients projects, so I was kind of forced into it, and I am sooooo grateful for that!!

I started to dig into plugin development and little by little I became a fan of all WordPress related stuff, blogs, podcasts, forums, community…
I did my first plugin, something very simple ‘Simple Follow Me Social Buttons Widget’ and I was amazed with the response I got for it, so even more motivated to continue in this path.

I also started a new blog, the main reason was personal use but hoping it could help someone else.

My main interests are plugin and theme development, continue growing in this area, and I try to volunteer when I can in the support forums.

I also wanted to make a call to the women developers out there!!! I see I’m the only one introducing my self here!! :slight_smile:

(Cena Mayo) #31

I’m another, @lucymtc :slight_smile: I first got involved with WordPress back in the .7 days and did a lot of support forum and documentation writing through about 1.0. Then Life Things happened, and while I always kept up with WP development, I’m just now rediscovering into the community. Looking forward to meeting new people and getting back into the swing of things!

(waqas) #32

Hey people,
My name is waqas and im a WordPress student from Pakistan. Ive been doing this for the past 2-3 years. Also, i always think that making sites with wordpress is too easy so it is not ‘real dev work’, therefore i keep trying to move to stuff like laravel or rails but i keep coming back because WordPress is awesome and my first love and the only one i’d ever really care about because it showed me how to get things done…also, it puts food on my table.
I like putting wordpress to versatile uses, these days i am making a prototype/proof of concept which can be seen here:
it does cool things like
by scraping data from local media sites.

(Sebastien) #33


My name is Sébastien Dumont and I am a WordPress developer from France providing custom WordPress development and services.

(Rob) #34

My name is Rob Docherty and I run, I own a portfolio of 750~ domains and run several WordPress, and website service based businesses. I’ve been working on a disruptive concept for the past few years and am growing steadily. I’m looking for help and perspective on where you see things are headed, hit me up if you’d like to be apart of what I’m doing at WT, or - btw love Paper Tower and WP Rocket!

(Rhys Wynne) #35

Hi everybody :smile:

My name is Rhys, from North Wales but living in Manchester now.

Fairly active with the community in the North of England.

Generally dabble with plugins, but can do theme development if need be. Cannot draw out of a wet paper bag.

(Belmin) #36


I’m Belmin Bedak, young Front-end developer which love WordPress, so you can call me ‘WordPress Theme Developer’ :smiley:

I’m 18 years old, based in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

(Ahmad Awais) #37

Hey guys,
New here, WPChat seems awesome!

I am Ahmad Awais. More of a UI/UX Designer and Front-end developer at WordPress for about 9 years now.

WordPress: 9 years of design and development experience with WordPress. Built 25+ complex responsive and CMS based websites with complete strategy, wireframing, design and marketing

UI/UX & Front-end: Experience with designing User Interface to eradicate User Experience issues through A/B testing. Front-end development junkie, with HTML5(Canvas API), CSS3 (Flexbox, SVG and what not), I code in Sass, use Gulp, love JavaScript & jQuery.

You can read more about me here

(Hesham) #38

Hey guys,

I’ve just signed up my account, and looking forward to connect!

I’ve been working with WordPress for more than 10 years now.

Now, I am working on a WordPress plugin called WP Rich Snippets, and run a few blogs.

(Dhiraj Das) #39

Hi everyone, I’m a blogger from India. I have been using, blogging and creating sites on WordPress fro last 7 years. Currently I am managing a WordPress resource site called

(Jay Syder) #40

Hi people,

I am a young implementor? Still not sure what to call myself but seen that word used as a role float round and liked it. I have been working with self hosted wordpress multisites for 3 years now. Started out just helping with css issues making sure the sites looked right in all browsers that sort of thing and a bit of responsive design.

Now I will help with basic website designs the technical end of finding the right theme then plugins and maybe making some customisations but usually avoid any hard coding so that plugins can update without breaking. Also help with basic cpanel and plesk shared and vpn wordpress and email setups but nothing advanced.

I also guide clients through how to use different parts of wordpress so they can do the basic day to day stuff.

I like to read the news from the default wordpress news feed. Which through WP Tavern found this place although I had heard of it a few times decided to join today.

Oh and I’m a Kiwi. So I hope to read some interesting topics and sometimes get in on the discussions.