Say hello and introduce yourself

(Jay Syder) #41

Oh and the picture of the pie steak and cheese pie in my profile is because I am a lover of meat pies which I hope becomes popular overseas or at least more common place. Here in New Zealand you can get them at any dairy, petrol station, bakery or store you can buy hot food from with usually half a dozen different types of flavours.

(Topher) #42

I’m Topher, a WordPress developer in Grand Rapids MI. Currently working on, but I was at for a year before that. I’ve been working with WordPress since 2010, having a good time ever since.

(Emili Castells) #43

Hi! My name is Emili Castells. I am a WordPress developer with over 14 years of experience in making web pages. Initially trained in graphic design, I started my career in 1999 when I learned Flash and then used it for many years in conjunction with HTML. The arrival of ActionScript 2 sparked my interest for programming, and with AS3 I started learning about Object-oriented programming, PHP and JavaScript. With the release of the first iPhone, things began to change and I left Flash aside to focus on Wordpress and Front-End (Responsive design, HTML5 + CSS3 + jQuery).

(Ionut Neagu) #44

Hey! I’m Ionut, a WordPress developer and entrepreneur from Romania currently running ThemeIsle & Codeinwp .

(Russell Jamieson) #45

Hi, I’m Russell. I am a WordPress plugin developer living and working in the UK with my wife Liz, who does theme design and also WordPress training.

I have about 30 years computing experience with the last 7 years being mainly with WordPress and recently mainly with the Genesis theme framework. You can find out more about me at

(james) #46

hey im james I just joined the site its nice to be around people with the same intrest hope to learn as much as I can by reading your post and getting to know people around this much needed community.cheers

(Dan Griffiths) #47

Hey all! I’m Dan. I’m a WordPress plugin developer in sunny, scenic Omaha, NE. I’ve been working with WordPress for 7 years, and involved in open source development for much longer (used to be a full-time Linux developer). A year ago, I founded Section214 and a year before that I founded Redux Framework. Today, I do a bit of my own work, and work with awesome companies like Easy Digital Downloads!

(eMarket Design) #48

Hello from Miami, Florida.
My name is Dara Duman. I am the co-founder of eMarket Design. My company develops WP App Studio (WPAS) - Visual WordPress Development platform and many WPAS based WordPress plugins.

I plan to chime in as much as I can. it is good to have a forum that gathers people with the same interest.

(Ayman Aboulnasr) #49

Hello Everybody!

My name is Ayman Aboulnasr, and I’m from Egypt. For the last 18 years. I have been helping people creating websites. I work as a Web Manager for a large Conglomerate of Companies in the Middle East.

I started playing with WordPress back in 2009. Then In October 2010 I started my own WordPress website called “Latest on WordPress” which I am relaunching in a couple of days and completely revamping it.

I live and work in Saudi Arabia with my wonderful wife and 2 kids :smile:

(Kakoma) #50

Hiii!! I’m Kakoma, a developer from Uganda. At 18, I tried my hand at investment after reading ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’. With a friend, we paid someone to build a sports betting site for us; we were young visionaries :-). The guy didn’t deliver a thing! (He took our money though hehehe). I chose to learn web development then and though I’m an Electrical Engineer by training, I took to software development. WordPress and I met 9 years ago and we’ve been close since. We’ve together, produced several websites, themes & plugins - two of the latter hosted in the WordPress repositories,

(Michael Tieso) #51

Hi! I’m Michael Tieso. Currently living in Seattle but travel quite often. I work for WooThemes as a Developer Advocate. I’m happy to help anyone that has questions regarding WooCommerce or our themes.

Any world travelers here? :smile:

(Mario Peshev) #52

Hey, Mario Peshev here - I run DevriX and do all sorts of things around WordPress, mostly high-end full-stack development and project management. After about 12 years of development I’ve been dealing with more business-driven problems lately and Jeffro convinced me to finally sign up here.

Some of my community “essays” are available on

(Gerasimos) #54

Hello everyone,

I’m, Gerasimos Tsiamalos a web designer/front-end dev/co-founder of where we design and develop premium WordPress themes since 2012. I heard about WordPress back in 2006 and been using it ever since.

(Vova Feldman) #55

Hey WordPress-ers!

I’m Vova Feldman - an entrepreneur from Israel, currently living in Brooklyn, NY. I’m a geek, plugin developer and co-founder at - where we help plugin developers easily & quickly turn their plugin into a Freemium / Premium / Add-ons product. I started with WordPress on late 2010 and I love it! The platform is extremely flexible and the community is awesome.

Always open for opportunities, love to meet great people!

(Akhtar) #56

Hi All, I am a web designer/front-end dev from Pakistan. I run where we reviews and collection of best premium WordPress themes and plugins.

(Scotty Truong) #57

Hey guys,

My name is Scotty Truong, currently living in Saigon. But travelling back and forth between Singapore and Vietnam.

I’m bootstrapping a subscription-based design service . Also have a few niche businesses. Hoping to have our own Wordpress theme released soon.

I’m eager to learn from everybody here and contribute where I can.


(Vova Feldman) #58

Sounds like a great service and I might be interested to give it a try. How much would you charge for the source files? (AI / PSD)

(Scotty Truong) #59

Hi Vova,

I already replied to the PM, but I thought I’d answer here as well in case anybody else’s interested. (If it’s not appropriate, please delete it, thank you Moderator)

We decided to waive the PSD/AI fee, just to keep it simple. So there’s no extra fee, just the monthly subscription fee.

(Matt Shaw) #60

Hi All,

I’ve had an account here for ages but figured I should probably make my first post :smile:

I’m a developer/entrepenuer-in-progress in the Philly area. I make some pretty cool plugins and looking to start branching into themes soon.

Good to “meet” you all!

(Nicolas Lecocq) #61

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

My name is Nicolas Lecocq, I’m French, I am WordPress developer and I’m the founder of Khositeweb.

I use WordPress since 2012, I learned everything I know through various internet tutorials, I would like to thank WPBeginner because I learned many things from them.

I created two themes (Aktina - Easy) and a plugin (Ultimate Widgets).

That’s about all, I look forward to discussing with you in the various topics :slight_smile: