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my name is Paolo, I started developing with WordPress in 2008 and since 2011 I joined forces with my buddy Stiofan to develop business directory tools. Our main product today is GeoDirectory that is slowly overtaking GeoTheme, the 1st successful Theme that turned all this into a full time job. Before GeoTheme and GeoDirectory I did Web Design, SEO and Web Marketing mainly for the music industry.

It is nice to meet you all. :smile:

(Brian McDaniel) #63

Hello everyone,

I’m a self-taught full-time freelance web and graphic designer specializing in one-of-a-kind custom WordPress websites. I started designing and developing websites in the late 90’s as a hobby and it eventually turned into my full-time gig. I consider myself a life-long student of the industry, always learning as I go. I hope to broaden my expertise and network here.

I grew up in San Francisco and recently moved to Thomasville, GA from Sacramento, CA in order to be with our 1-year-old grandson (yes, I’m older than I look - or act), who is the most amazing person in the world to me. I’ve been married to the love of my life ever since 8 months after the day we met, 27 years ago. We have 3 offspring, 23, 20 and 17. Everything I do in work and life is in order to give these precious people all I can.

If interested, you can view my work at my website: I hope to learn and grow from and with each of you here.


(Jenny) #64

Hi, I’m new here. Find so much helpful discussion around WPChat.
I have been into WordPress for a while (with my team running WooRockets). We work on Woocommerce themes and WP plugins. Hope to have more discussion with you guys and contribute to the community as much as I can :smile:

(Ignaty Nikulin) #65

Hello Wordpressers, newcomer here!

I’m a front-end developer and co-founder of a small London based Wordpress and Woocommerce agency called Cone-headed Cat.

Being on and off Wordpress user and developer since version 2.

Nice to meet you all and have fun coding!

(Arindo) #66

Hi everybody!

I’m a Brazilian WordPress developer for 4 years now and just started to build some cool free and premium plugins as well. One of my main goals as a developer is to provide tools to make the freelancing jobs of people who rely on WordPress to make a living easier.

Nice to meet you guys!

(Anh Tran) #68

Hi, I’m Tran Ngoc Tuan Anh. I’m the author of Meta Box plugin. I also sell premium WordPress themes at ThemeForest (see my portfolio) and I’m blogging at Deluxe Blog Tips.

I have been using WordPress since 2006. I started as a freelancer (still doing freelance now) and been involved with the WordPress community for a long time. I learn a lot from WordPress and still do :smile:

(Jason Tucker) #69

I’m Jason Tucker - Director of IT for a non profit, YouTuber & Podcaster and WordPress developer. I’ve been using WordPress for a long time and love it and the community that supports it.


Hey there!
I’m just a guy who learned WP since 2009, went freelancing on Elance, got working on projects, built a team, and still kicking in 2016 !!
I partner with many WP Devs out there and working on projects together, who knows maybe this place can expand my “teams” lol or become your team!
Anyway here’s my info on LinkedIn
and Elance (Upwork)

Glad to finding this place, should have known sooner…

(Thierry Muller) #71

Hey everyone,

I am a 100% self-taught developer and I have been working with WordPress since 2009. In 2010, I co-founded a company building extensions for a very popular drag and drop theme. A few years later, I was looking for new challenges and was selected to be part of the WordPress experts at Codeable.

I am also the founder of Beans Theme Framework launched in August last year which is already getting lots of love and praises.

I recently joined the dev team at Elegant Themes (WordPress Themes and Plugins provider) and I am currently working on Divi 2.8 “Developer Update” release.

I am looking forward to discussing various WP topics with you guys :slightly_smiling:


Hello everyone at WPCHAT :slightly_smiling:

I got involved with WordPress about 5 years ago when my daughter needed a website for her business. I am self taught, and have developed 4 themes and a couple of plugins available at

I have been retired for about 6 years as well. Retirement offers you an opportunity to do the things you love. Computers and programming have always been a hobby, and when I discovered WordPress, I immediately knew it was something I wanted to pursue.

I have been reviewing themes at for about a year now. I find it is a great way to learn from different code, and see different themes.

WordPress is not a business for me as I suspect it is for most folks here, it is just a full time hobby. It’s great to retire and do the things you love.

(Omaar Osmaan) #73

Hello, Folks-

I’m a self-taught programmer (and designer), since '99 I’m in love with Internet and coding.

I’d stumbled into the first version of WordPress back in 2003. Other than taking a few peek, I moved to other thing (dived into desktop app developing). I started my personal blog with WordPress (self-hosted) in 2005/6- five years later, I took down that blog and started another one, which I’m still maintaining actively, and write random thoughts, Haiku and Limerick.

In 2006-7 I’d initiated and lead a project called “Meghdut” for translating WordPress to Bangla. For the contributions, added support for Bangla language to their site.

I founded a web-development company in 2007, extensively provided services to Startups companies around the world, and built many intuitive web portals that served much more than 200 millions of users, in total 7 human languages (including a social-networking web portal for Bloggers, called BloggersDotCom). In 2013 I had to shutdown the company due to bad partnership, and I’d experienced burnout-

I’ve focused on WordPress ever since- the community helped me to recover my passions for work, and I’ve been developing WordPress themes/plugins- this month I’m launching a WordPress shop brand- xFrontend, for WordPress themes and plugins.

Thanks for the read- looking forward to meet awesome people to enjoy life more. :slightly_smiling:

(Nilambar Sharma) #74


I am Nilambar Sharma from Nepal. I love WordPress and been in WP area for several years. Currently I am Co-founder/CEO of WEN Themes. WT is specially focused in WordPress Theme and Plugin development. As giving back to community I am actively participating in Theme Review. Also I am Meetup Organizer for 2016 here at WordPress Nepal.

Happy WordPressing :slightly_smiling:

(Alex B) #75

Hello all,

I am Alex Benko and I run EZManagedHosting in Western Mass a managed hosting and development service for WordPress. I personally have been using WordPress since about 2006 and have always been appreciative of its architecture and the ease-of-use. Over the years our team has built a few plugins and have now been focusing on the hosting industry as well as building specialized plugins for security and performance.

My goal here is to meet interesting people, bounce off some ideas and see if me or my company can be helpful in any way.
I like technology but in my spare time enjoy Brazilian jiu-jitsu and speed hiking.

(Chip Sheppard) #76

Hi, I’m Chip Sheppard from Pittsburgh.

I was in Boston for many years after a stint at Berklee. Moved back to my hometown in '09.
I’ve been a freelance developer since 2001 and have been working with WordPress for several years now.
When I started building websites there was no CSS, PHP and JS were brand new and layout was done with <blink>tables</blink>.

(ben p) #77

I’m Ben Pines from Israel, I work for Pojo, a theme development company. I’ve been working with WordPress for many years.

I love to write, read and watch movies.

(Jesse) #78

Howdy, I’m Jesse and founder of LittleBizzy managed WordPress hosting. :grinning:

I briefly forgot about WPCHAT but thankfully I stumbled across @Jeffro post from 2014:

Although I’ve gotten a bit more involved in the forums, truthfully it is nice to have a slightly more exclusive place to connect with WordPress professionals, agencies, and hosting companies! Plus, I already see several of the WP Tavern commenters here who always crack me up lol…

I’m hoping to learn a little, share a little, and hopefully do a bit of networking as well.

Cheers all and great job on the re-launch @leland

(Arshid) #79

I am Arshid. I am plugin developer. I developed WordPress Plugins and


(Gabrielle) #80

Gabrielle here. Newish to Wordpress. Geeky brain but not educated in things like code and no time or too lazy to learn. Have a bloggy thing that gets attention less than it deserves. Time to become more educated so I can make good choices for plugins and servers and all the other stuff that I should be doing.

(Nick) #81

Hi everyone,

My name is Nicolas, I live in France and I’m the founder of Pluton, the ugliest theme you’ve never seen :slight_smile:

I’ve been using WordPress since 2012, yes it is not very long but I learn fast.

Otherwise, I love practice sports and watching movies and series.

See you guys on the forum :slight_smile:

(Ahmad) #82

Hello everyone,

I’m Ahmad Ajmi, a self-taught developer from Egypt. I founded to create premium WordPress & Ghost themes, and I sell them on ThemeForest.

I also write technical articles at SitePoint

It’s nice to join this awesome community, looking forward to interacting with you guys!