Say hello and introduce yourself

(Essekia Paul) #83

Hello guys,

This is Essekia Paul. I am the founder of Pauple Studios and I plan to develop WordPress themes and plugins. I have been developing WordPress websites for many years now.

I have just launched my first product, Elementary WordPress Plugin. It is a free drag and drop grid builder plugin.

Looking forward to have a lovely conversation with y’all.

(Tonya Mork) #84


I’m Tonya or you may know me as hellofromTonya. I’m a software educator, electrical and software engineer, dreamer, and silly gal. I’ve been in engineering since the mid-1980s. I used to build multimillion dollar high-tech systems to the largest manufacturers in the world. Then well stuff happened with my health. I’m on a mission to help developers level up and share what others built in me throughout the decades.

More About Me
You can read more about my story in my essay on HeroPress: Finding Your Purpose in Life.

I teach professional WordPress web development and leveling up at Things that I teach are theming, plugins, languages and technologies, fundamentals, clean coding principles, problems solving, and how to think about code.

I started writing my new book, Be a More Awesome Developer: Roadmap to Continuously Level Up in WordPress on LeanPub. The book is just for the professional (or aspiring) WordPress Developer. It is your roadmap to continually level up throughout your entire professional career. It gives you “level up habits” and self-assessment tools you can use right now. The intent is to make you more marketable and in demand.

Cheers and <happy coding>,

(Marcos Vinicius Barreto de Oliveira) #85


I’ve just found this place! My name is Marcos, I discovered WordPress about five years ago and since then I never stopped involving with this amazing piece of software. Currently I work as a theme developer in the WordPress land, the most special thing to me is to develop WP based products and see people using it to solve their problems. Oh I live in Brazil and I am here to exchange knowledge and make friends among WP fellow developers.


(Chinmay Rajyaguru) #86

I’m Chinmay Rajyaguru. Newbie here!

(Kurt Schlatzer) #87

Hi all. I am the Senior Web Developer at Counter Culture Coffee in Durham, NC. I’m currently moving a legacy Magento/Drupal site to WordPress + WooCommerce + Netsuite.

(Ben) #88

Hi, I’m Ben, I am one of the team members at and been a WP user and more for a long time :). Looks like a cool site and signed up!



I am Kshitij.

I have been involved with wordpress since 2011 when I started developing websites for myself for fun.

Today, I am the cofounder of a startup named which specializes in making photography wordpress themes. It is a new startup, so it isnt exactly popular till now.


(Sonal Sinha) #90

Hey Guys,

My name is Shri. I run a website design company named: Shri Krishna Technologies from 2010. Started using WordPress from 2010 itself and have been a fan of it since then. Have a WordPress Themes business: SKT Themes which i started in 2013 and currently involved fully into that.

Looking to learn, and know more and more people in this community.

(Marta) #91

Hi I’m Marta

Please take a look at my new Catchers Helpdesk plugin for customer support

Could you please wright any suggestions and feedback.

(Ben) #92

Hey all,

My names Ben and I run a little website called My blog I review WordPress themes / plugins from a consumer point of view.

Write on things that interest me, mainly about WordPress. I’m not a coder by trade but I dabble a little and try to make sense of this big old WP world.


(Tony Bui) #93

Hi there,

I’m Tony from WooRockets Team. Right now working on the project Nitro theme with the team. My main duty is more related to conversion rate optimization, Customer Journey Mapping, Adwords, and business.

If anyone need WooCommerce theme just buzz me ;).


Hi this is AJ from just wanted to say hi! You can follow our WordPress blog here if you wish - - where we post a lot of great WordPress related tips, tutorials, guides, reviews, etc.

(Billy) #95

Hello! My name is Mimi and I found out about this board when attending a WordPress DC meetup!

(Faruk Erdogan) #96

Hello Friends,

I am working on e-learning sector and on my own projects related it. I have tried to be a good entrepreneur and want to say hello all of you.

I am working on (not open yet) which helps people to learn English. We are using Wordpress with woocommerce and Sensei, Membership, Subscription etc. plugins.

I just want to say hello all of you. I live in Istanbul, Turkey.


(Naeem) #97


My name is Naeem and I’m a web developer. I run cssreflex, currently working on my own wp themeshop: wpvita

(Anthony Pham) #98

Hi Folks,

I am Anthony. A wordpress developer for 7 years.
Current I am working on theme development and plugins.
Main project from us is KingComposer page builder



My name is Luis and I’m trying to get into WordPress themes market. Going to launch my own theme shop soon.



Naveed here, I am working in Dubai and been using WordPress from last 10 years, not a core developer, but know some basic PHP and WordPress coding. I own some websites (EightFire, GetRanko, etc.) but they are just surviving and covering the cost of my server.

I hope I can help some people and get help in the time of need here. I love to share the knowledge for free and believe on the same principal. If you need to make the world a better place, work with others and do something good. People will remember you that you lived, otherwise you just existed.

(Sabina) #101

Hi everyone, this is Sabina, I’m part of the ThemeIsle team - we’re building both free themes and plugins for, and premium ones selling mostly on our site and only recently on ThemeForest. We also manage the Codeinwp blog, and Revive.Social - home of two social media plugins. Happy to be here, hope I’ll get the chance to help some of you.

(Mahdi Yazdani) #102

Hi everyone,

This is Mahdi, got involved with WordPress about 3 years ago and at the present freelancing on UpWork, improved most of my skills and educated myself at TeamTreeHouse.
Recently published a Free WooCommerce theme named "Hypermarket,"
If you’re interested in contributing to this theme, then head over to the Hypermarket GitHub Repository to find out how you can pitch in.
Found WPChat pretty impressive and joined the group in a second.