Say hello and introduce yourself

(Andy Fragen) #103

Hi everyone!

I’m a little late to this party. I’m mostly a self-taught developer. I’ve been dabbling in WordPress since around 2007. Mostly I play around in the backend with plugin development.

I’m the primary developer of GitHub Updater. A plugin that allows for updating of plugins or themes that are hosted on GitHub, Bitbucket, or GitLab.

Oh yeah, my day job is as an acute care surgeon. :mask:

(Ashok) #104

Hi Everyone,

I m Ashok from Berlin and founder of the WP Event Manager - we are building awesome plugins for event management. It is open source,lightweight , scalable and full featured event management Wordpress plugin. Looking forward for your feedback and i m sure that it will help some of you.

(Ana Segota) #105

Hi everyone,

I am Ana from Anariel Design - we are building niche WordPress themes for charities, bloggers and restaurants. We are selling mostly on our website &
You can read more about my WordPress journey on HeroPress: My Road To WordPress

Happy to get to know you here :). Have a nice day!

(Ahmed Yahia) #106


I’m Ahmed from Target Media Co. located in Kuwait. Creating WordPress websites and mobile apps.

(Naresh Devineni) #107

Hello everyone,

I always wanted to develop high standard wordpress themes, So although I have a distribution ready wordpress theme, I keep refining it until all my doubts are cleared.May be it will take forever for me to release it :stuck_out_tongue:

and I am here to fire all my doubts :wink: Get ready :smiling_imp:

(Leland Fiegel) #108

I say set up a demo site, and upload the code to GitHub, and link to it here. WP Chat is a great place to solicit feedback for these sorts of things. :slight_smile:

(Naresh Devineni) #109

Sure, I will do that soon :slight_smile:

(Alastair Brian) #110

Hi, My name is Alastair Biran and I am a developer. Running about 5 to 6 website on Wordpress. I love this very much

(Imtiaz Rayhan) #111

Hi everyone,

I am Imtiaz Rayhan. I have been using WordPress for last 5 years. And recently got into plugin development and I’m loving the process.

Here is my WordPress profile.

Looking forward to connect with you all more.

(Richard Tabor) #112

Hi all! :wave:

I’m Rich from ThemeBeans and Merlin WP (a new side gig for on boarding theme users). I’m a WordPress developer, designer, reviewer of WordPress themes at ThemeForest, and an aspiring writer on a good day. Also, the proud father of two baby girls! :baby::baby:

(adrian jones) #113

My name is Adrian. I have a small business and work mostly with small businesses trouble shooting. I have authored a theme and a few plugins, the most popular of which is probably the Guest Author plugin.

(Yannick) #114

Hi Everyone !

My name’s Yannick. I’m 34yo, living in Lille (France). I’ve been a user of WordPress since 2009 and my first blog about football. I’m now a marketer and business developer for the company Jackmail, a WordPress plugin to create and send newsletters (yes, it includes a real routing platform to avoid you to fiddle with smtp settings).

I’m here to help, and to be helped :slightly_smiling_face:

(Tavleen) #115

Hi Everyone!

I am Tavleen and I’m the co-founder of XLPlugins. My company builds plugins for WooCommerce store owners that help them increase store conversion.

I first used WordPress to set up my own blog back in 2007.

I still love to write and I write blog posts and also create a lot of videos. When I am not working I am enjoying a hot cup of Indian chai with cinnamon cookies or baking (stories not cake, of course! ;).

(Moeez) #116

Hello WordPress enthusiasts!

I am Mohammed Moeez. I am a WordPress blogger at WPblog. We are a WordPress resource website and we publish content on WordPress themes, plugins, hosting and WordPress tutorials.

Looking forward to having a great time interacting with many WordPress users! :smiley:

(alexander biscajin) #117

Hello everyone. My name is Alexander and i am new to this WPchat community. I hope i met WordPress experts here who will share their experiences and let me lean more about WordPress.

(Mads Jacobsen) #119

Hey guys, I’m a new wordpress user working at a start-up company. We’re building a platform and I’m in charge of making it work (lucky me xD). So, I’m hoping this is a place I can come and get help (I found it while looking for help). Happy new years :slight_smile:

(daniele vassalli) #120

Ciao sono Daniele Vasalli, sono un webmaster Italiano. Sviluppato molti siti e plugin per wordpress.
L’ultimo sito che ho sviluppato è quello della chat di ciao amigos

(Shamir) #121


I am Shamir. I am here to ask so many doubts about WordPress and help answer some of the doubts that others might have.

(Zafer) #122

Hi everyone,

I am Zafer.
I am really new to Wordpress and so to WPChat Community.
I think this platform will be very useful for me. Hoping to meet experts here who will share their knowledge and experiences about Wordpress.

(Davide) #123

Hi there folks! This is Davide from Rome, Italy. I am the co-founder of Momate, a software and web development agency. We mainly focus on WordPress and WooCommerce development for clients. We also do digital marketing at times, depending on the project at hand.

Of course, we work with different frameworks and languages when necessary. I am talking about Django, Python, PHP, JS, etc. Anyhow, just wanted to introduce my self, and I hope to learn from the community as well as network with you all … hope to get to know you all here at WP Chat.