Say hello and introduce yourself

(mithun sharma) #124

Hello Friends,

My name is Mithun Sharma, and I recently started my career as a ui designer.
I started using wordpress for about a month now. I would like to involve in the technical conversations and get some good suggestions from professionals here.

(Andy) #125

Hello fellow WP enthusiasts.

My name is Andy from Yorkshire, England and I started as an occasional WP user around 7 years ago. Over the years progressing from my own basic sites to client work building WP sites for local businesses to now developing themes.

Hope to be able to share my knowledge and learn from everyone here.

(Leon Stafford) #126

Greetings, WP’ers!

Leon Stafford, author of the WP Static HTML Output plugin here.

Getting more active on developing the plugin now, so diving back into the WP community after 7 years of skirting around the edges.

Looking forward to chatting with some users of the plugin and figuring out what people are wanting from it.


(Yaovi) #127

Hello everyone,
Name is Yaovi started using WordPress about 3 years ago and it has changed the way i develop websites. Just looking to learning more here and expanding my knowledge.