Schedule A WPChat Like The Old Days

(Jeff C) #1

So the old WPChat had an embedded IRC client to Freenode where you can chat in real-time. I’d like to take Discourse for a ride and see what it’s like to have one thread with 20 or so people chatting to each other through the forum. Sounds like it could be a disaster but I’m interested to see what the experience is like.

Anyone else up for the idea? @leland if others are interested, we could discuss scheduling a time where users can visit a thread and go crazy.

(James Huff) #2

Do you mean like a stress test? I kind of like what you said a few threads back about Discourse being instantaneous anyway, so an analog to the old IRC chat isn’t really necessary. :wink:

(Jeff C) #3

Yeah, it’s like P2 with the instantaneous stuff, but I wonder how it works when you’re in a very active thread with ongoing replies by 10-15 people. Does it feel like a chat then and what is it like to interact in a topic with that much activity going on. I guess it would be a stress test of sorts. Just create a thread, and have 20 people start leaving replies about anything just to see how it all works.

(Leland Fiegel) #4

How about Sunday at 7 PMish EST? Seem like a relatively agreeable time?

(Gary Weiner) #5

Sounds good to me. I’m interested in seeing what this board looks like when there’s a lot of traffic.

(Nikhil Vimal) #6

I think we should try this! @Jeffro has a great idea with this one, it’s always great to try new things with the community and the way we all interact.

(Jeff C) #7

7PM sounds good to me. We need at least 10 people I’d say. Better if there is more.

(James Huff) #8

Works for me so far.

(Brian Ross) #9

4pm PST? That might work for me…

(Jeff C) #10

Wellp, I don’t have any plans for this shindig. I guess someone can create a thread and we all start posting? Lol

(Gary Weiner) #11

Done and done.

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