Schedule A WPChat Like The Old Days

So the old WPChat had an embedded IRC client to Freenode where you can chat in real-time. I’d like to take Discourse for a ride and see what it’s like to have one thread with 20 or so people chatting to each other through the forum. Sounds like it could be a disaster but I’m interested to see what the experience is like.

Anyone else up for the idea? @leland if others are interested, we could discuss scheduling a time where users can visit a thread and go crazy.

Do you mean like a stress test? I kind of like what you said a few threads back about Discourse being instantaneous anyway, so an analog to the old IRC chat isn’t really necessary. :wink:

Yeah, it’s like P2 with the instantaneous stuff, but I wonder how it works when you’re in a very active thread with ongoing replies by 10-15 people. Does it feel like a chat then and what is it like to interact in a topic with that much activity going on. I guess it would be a stress test of sorts. Just create a thread, and have 20 people start leaving replies about anything just to see how it all works.

How about Sunday at 7 PMish EST? Seem like a relatively agreeable time?

Sounds good to me. I’m interested in seeing what this board looks like when there’s a lot of traffic.

I think we should try this! @Jeffro has a great idea with this one, it’s always great to try new things with the community and the way we all interact.

7PM sounds good to me. We need at least 10 people I’d say. Better if there is more.

Works for me so far.

4pm PST? That might work for me…

Wellp, I don’t have any plans for this shindig. I guess someone can create a thread and we all start posting? Lol

Done and done.

And apparently posts must be twenty characters long