Seeking a way to sync users between WP MU and single WP site

(Rob) #1

Hello WPChat,

Any idea how I could sync users between a WP MU site to a Single WP site?

I’ve come across plugins that will sync users between single WP sites, I’ve come across ones that will sync between subsites in a MU installation. But haven’t found a solution for syncing users between MU and single site.

Main reason for this is that my MU site is coming along great and I would rather separate my eCommerce functionality as a separate site. But I would prefer my users to be able to log into my main MU site and just click over to the other single site without having to log back in.

I’m also looking at SSO as a solution but not sure that’s the right direction.

Curious why syncing from MU to single site seems to be hard to do.

(Leland Fiegel) #2

What you’re describing is an SSO solution. Having a synced account wouldn’t also log you in on another site. It would just make an account with the same credentials available to sign in on the other site.

All syncing user accounts would do is prevent them from needing to sign up twice. But they’d still have to sign in twice, if that makes sense.

I’m not sure how to set up an SSO provider, even though I’m sure it’s possible. But after searching around a bit, I couldn’t find any self-hosted solutions. The only thing I could suggest is to consider using something like “social logins” in which a website like Facebook or Twitter would act as your SSO provider, but not your MU site.

This way, if somebody is already logged into their Facebook account, they wouldn’t need to type in any passwords to login to your site. And that process could be replicated on any new, totally separate site you create.

(Daniel Iser) #3

One thing to try is the one that syncs between WP sites combined with the one that does MU subsites. That way you sync from Site A to multisite B, then to all subsites.

That said WPMU Dev used to have something that handled different user syncing needs.

(Kenneth Guintz) #4

have you tried this one? Multisite User management. I only use this for a single login for all the subsites on my network.