Seen any good minimalist themes lately?

(Leland Fiegel) #1

Always been a fan of minimalist designs. What are some of the best ones you’ve seen recently? Free or paid.

I’m liking Clear Tranquil, Tonal, Sketch, Celcius. All free.

Three of those are by Automattic/ theme team…really killing it (in a good way) on those minimal themes lately.

WordPress purity (paid themes/plugins)
(pjeaje) #2


(Leland Fiegel) #3

This Semicolon? Yep, definitely a good one. Thanks for pointing that out.

(Joan) #4

Yeah, and with the “Kovshenin Seal Of Code Quality” it’s always a safe bet/choice. :slight_smile:

(Bowo) #5

Loving 'em minimalist themes myself. I have a random list I need to sort through, as well as add to from the ones listed here.

One specific theme I loved was a superlightweight one called ‘fastr’. No js and scored great on Pagespeed and ySlow.

Will be back here with my sorted list.

(Bowo) #6

Not new, but Bushwick is a personal favorite. And here’s fastr. Will be back once I sort my list.

(torsten.dreier) #7

Semicolon is a great minimalist theme. You can see it in minimalist action at Bytes Of Wisdom. That is my own site.

(Dev Sharma) #9

Clear theme -

(Kim Shivler) #10

I just found Iconic One and used it on a public site and a private membership area. It is a free theme, easy to use, I like the clean look and it ranks well for Pagespeed and ySlow.

(Tomas) #11

Editor free theme by Array looks good ->

(James Huff) #12

Editor (already mentioned/linked above) is gorgeous, and I have my eyes on Isola too:

(Isaac Kerry) #13

Crazy good deal going on this week for the Theme Pass. 14 themes for $37. I think their themes look fantastic.
Here’s the offer:

(Jeff C) #14

Ravel by ThemeHybrid is pretty nice. Not often you see such a nice WordPress theme utilize a dark color scheme and pull it off.

(Fikri Rasyid) #15

Speaking of minimalist theme, I made one for myself and published it on the WordPress theme repository some time ago: Opus

(Leland Fiegel) #16

Very nice, I like it.

(Fikri Rasyid) #17

Thank you @leland, I’m really glad that you like it :smiley:

(Leland Fiegel) #18

Just found this one:

Looks solid.

(Jeff C) #19

Although it’s not available just yet, the default theme for 2015 slated to be released with WordPress 4.1 looks like it would fit this category.

(Bowo) #20

Just found Saga. Loving it!

(Bowo) #21

A couple more I found today: