Selling 6 year old Premium Theme Buisness

(Henry Jones) #1

I’m selling my 6 year old theme business. Here are some numbers from the last 12 months:

Sales on my site: $300,892.00
Sales on $55,000
Sales on $2,849.70
Expenses: approx. $20,000

Profit: approx. $338,000

If you’re interested let me know and we can discuss.

(Ben) #2

Hey Henry - surprised to hear you’re selling - you have some great themes and a solid brand.

Unfortunately I don’t have the funds to be able to offer you what your site is worth (plus I am running my own site which takes up all my time) but I wish you luck with the sale.

(Henry Jones) #3

Thanks Ben. It’s always hard parting ways with a business, but I feel like its time to move on to something new.

(Basilis Kanonidis) #4

Hey Henry,

Can you please PM me the details, I would love to learn them.

Thanks a lot

(Henry Jones) #5

Thanks for your interest. I’ve sent you some additional info.

(Sonal Sinha) #6

Interested please let me know via Private Message.