Selling on themeforest (and sites like TF)....question to authors

(Miroslav Glavić) #1

To theme/plugin authors that sell their stuff on ThemeForest (and similar sites, not just TF)…

Out of curiosity, why do you sell your work at third-party sites like TF and don’t just do it on your own site? all those TP sites get a commission, right?

(Leland Fiegel) #2

It comes down to distribution / traffic. I can and do sell on my own site, but it’s difficult to get traffic and sales on it. Distributing themes via third-party marketplaces get the vast majority of my sales. I wish I could sell 100% on my own site and control the customer experience end-to-end, but that’s just not practical right now.

(Miroslav Glavić) #3

but on third party sites…there are hundreds of other authors doing the same thing as you, if i were to go to your site…I’d only see your stuff.

(Ben) #4

I sell themes on Creative Market, ThemeIsle,, and my own site.

Yes - but they also bring an audience. They also take care of payment processing, some tax elements, some support elements. etc

But how do you know Lelands site exists?

I have the same problem. There’s so many sites doing this that it’s hard to stand out. I’d love it if I could just sell themes through my site but I get very little traffic and sales from there so I have to spread myself out to other sites.

As someone who buys themes - how do you find theme sites? How do you know which ones are trustworthy/ better than the stuff you find on ThemeForest?

If there’s a way for me to just sell themes on my site then I would happily use it since it would mean less maintenance and effort for me. For me, the biggest concern is my reliance on these third party companies. I don’t mind the revenue share - it’s the fact they could change business model and switch off my income at any second that’s scariest.

(Mahdi Yazdani) #5

How are sales going for that?

(Ben) #6

They were ok when I first started selling there but Creative Market are focusing more and more on graphics, and fonts and things that work in Photoshop - not so much themes, so sales have dropped off to almost nothing now.

(Mahdi Yazdani) #7

Good to know, thanks.

(Miroslav Glavić) #8

How do you set yourself apart from other sellers selling themes/plugins?

As a buyer, I am in heaven, I have so many choices.

(Ben) #9

I have 2 points of differentiation from the themes on themeforest (and many indie theme sites)

  1. My themes are simple and not bloated with hundreds of options. Most only have 2 or 3 options. Where possible everything has live previews in the customizer. This means they play well with plugins, and are relatively easy to setup.
  2. All of my themes have been code reviewed by the team at - and so you can be sure that the code is high quality (they make me change anything that’s not)

(Miroslav Glavić) #10

What if you sell your themes and new owner puts in malicious code? refence: all those plugins that got bought out and new owners put malicious code, in 2017.

(Ben) #11

I’m not responsible for what other people do. If you don’t buy my themes through me then you’re on your own.