Selling ThemeForest account and the premium theme associated

(Nicolas Lecocq) #1

Hello everybody :slight_smile:

I would like to sell my premium theme that is currently on ThemeForest, I am on other projects, and I do not really have time to take care of this theme.

I also sells the ThemeForest profile associated with the theme.
I bought a lot of plugins and some themes with this profile, if you’re interested, I’d do you the list of the plugins and themes.

The theme needs to be updated to the latest version of WooCommerce and WordPress, it’s why I do not demand an high price.

If you are interested, send me a message :slight_smile:

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

(Brad) #2

Not being rude, but I will be blunt ~ :wink:

Either you haven’t updated your compatibility selectors in your Envato dashboard, or (hopefully this is not the case) your theme is already behind on current compatibility updates.

What’s going on here @Khothemes?

(Nicolas Lecocq) #3

Hi @Brad, you are right, I had not noticed, I updated :slight_smile:
The theme is just not compatible with WooCommerce 2.6, you need to do some changes.

(Brad) #4

ugh :frowning:

how far behind is it? and ~more importantly~ why isn’t it compatible with WC 2.6.4? Can you tell what needs to be done? Also: New product galleries are (possibly) coming to WooCommerce 2.7. Is your theme going to be ready & compatible when the update comes out?

(Nicolas Lecocq) #5

The theme is compatible up to version 2.5.5, I do not tested the theme on Woo 2.6.4, so I do not know exactly what to change, but I know it will not be very difficult for a developer, I could maybe make it compatible before selling it, as I said earlier, I have no time to take care of the theme, this is why I would like to sell it to someone who will continue to update it.

(Miroslav Glavić) #6

are you even allowed to sell your account and premium theme? I don’t sell on ThemeForest so I never read the terms and services.

(Nicolas Lecocq) #7

Hi, others have already done so I do not see why I should not have the right, I prefer to sell my account and my theme rather than let him die because I really have no time to take care of it.

(Serge) #8

It’s still available ?

(Nicolas Lecocq) #9

Hi, yes still available :slight_smile:

(Serge) #10

Hi, how much money do you want ? :slight_smile:

(Nicolas Lecocq) #11

Hi, I doesn’t really have a number in mind, give me your price and I would tell you if I agree or not :slight_smile:

(Serge) #12

Hi, do you have skype or something else for private conversation ?

(Nicolas Lecocq) #13

Hello, I sent you a private message :slight_smile:

(mario) #14

Hi, you still selling the account or sold?

(Nicolas Lecocq) #15

Hello, yes the account still selling :slight_smile:

(mario) #16

Thanks for getting back to me, please PM me information or do you have skype?

(Nicolas Lecocq) #17

Hi, I sent you a message.

(Leland Fiegel) #18

Transferring Envato accounts is not allowed.

(Leland Fiegel) #19