Server Status (free plugin)

(Jesse) #1

Hope its okay to announce our new free plugin, Server Status.

It is just a basic WP Admin dashboard widget with common statistics and settings in regard to your server and WordPress environment i.e. CPU, load average, RAM (memory) usage, PHP extensions, etc.

Anyway it’s not meant to take the place of full-blown phpinfo or wp-config but at least can show many of the common things that developers like to know while they work :slight_smile:

All feedback or suggestions welcome, cheers guys ~


a neat plugin, dude! cheers! keep developing it!

(Jesse) #3

Thanks friend, glad you like it. Hope it keeps getting better :slight_smile:


works like a charm under win, linux (ubuntu, debian, centOS, arch), BSD (freeBSD) and OSX. perhaps putting it on top part of dashboard homepage might work better. if you need a hand with frontend / design, i’m more than happy to help