Sharing Envato Accont

(Basilis Kanonidis) #1

Hey Guys,

I have an envato account that I do own, which generates a medium income / month.
As I am aiming to increase that, I am looking if anyone wants to join with me in equal partnership and buy his 50%.
I am a logical guy, I do not ask something outside the real work.
I have 3 new plugins created and ready to be published in the next month and I need the push.

If anyone wants - let me know. I Am not pushing any envato legal issues, as I can always have a partner just not to transfer the account.

Theme/plugin authors & website owners accepting criticism
(Miroslav Glavić) #2

Look at “Transferring Envato accounts is not allowed” thread/post.

I am guessing you will eventually “retire” thus leaving the account to the partner thus going around the no tranferring allowed rule?

Theme/plugin authors & website owners accepting criticism
(Basilis Kanonidis) #3

Again, you are coming with some bad stuff, like all threads.
I am clear on what I state, I would suggest to read again my topic.


(Miroslav Glavić) #4

I am not coming with any bad stuff, I simply asked you a question about sharing an account. Does Envato even allow it.

Learn to accept criticism.

(Leland Fiegel) #5

I don’t believe @Basilakis is seeking a full-on transfer of an account. Just seeking a business partner. Plenty of business partners share accounts on Envato. As long as the primary account holder remains the same, I don’t see an issue.