Showing the real name

Seem like a short comming for many forums too…
The site shows only my user name to the right of my Avatar and the full name is not mentioned. In my case I use @finalwebsites as my user name and people know me as Olaf most of the times.
It would be more personal to have the real name first and maybe a bit smaller the user name in a second row.
A small modication which makes us members more like humans :smile:

That is a good suggestion Olaf. Would be better if full names show on the right of Avatar.
Usernames can be displayed on the profile page :slight_smile:

I agree. When I figure out how to do this I’ll set it up. Maybe if they don’t set a full name, it can fall back on the username as what’s displayed.

Well that was easy, full names are now displayed next to your username. The username is still displayed because they’re still used for tagging people like this: @finalwebsites

Hi Leland, perfect!
I see Ahsan doesn’t entered his full name :smile:
Right the username must be visible for tagging (nice feature btw.)

Oh come on let me complete my profile, It is just my 2nd day here :smiley:

Good work Leland, thumbs up !

I put in my real name next to my Nom de Internets, but I’m still going to use my graphical avatar.

Nobody needs to look at my ugly mug when they’re reading my nonsense.

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