Slider for posts?

(Grant Smith) #1


This site seems to use slider’s to display blog posts.

This is a nice effect, but seems a lot of work for the customer, unless I am misunderstanding how it is achieved. I have a site that would benifit greatly from something simular. So how is it achieved.

It seems to use Flexislider, which is not anything special, so is this all achieved using regular posts do you think and some CSS, or something more complex, or a plug in for that matter? Some guideance would be a appreciated.

(Leland Fiegel) #2

A way you could accomplish this in a user-friendly way is to use Jetpack’s Featured Content module.

After all the code is in place, all the user would have to do would be to select a “featured” taxonomy (for example, the “Events” category) and the slider containing the latest posts in the taxonomy would automatically display where you wanted it.

Note that the slider functionality requires some extra code on the theme side. All the Featured Content module does is give the user a way to designate their “featured” taxonomy and give the developer a way of outputting it.

The Superhero theme offers an example of how to use the Featured Content module with Flexslider. Some background is available on the developer’s blog: Putting Posts on a Pedestal with Jetpack’s Featured Content

(Ben) #3

I’d echo Lelands comment. I have a number of themes I sell that have sliders and they all use Jetpacks featured content function. It’s nice and flexible and means you have less code to maintain.

(Grant Smith) #4


After play with this for some time, I have to admit I am struggling a little.

I’m pretty sure the slider used is a little irrelevant as long as you can select posts as the slide source. I am using Slider Revolution, which has this function.

To create the events, I am using straight forward posts along with Advanced Custom Feilds to generate the missing information, Event Date and so forth. I have also used the Jetpack Featured post option to allow my client to select which post appear in the top left-hand corner of the home page.

I am trying to create two things here, but they essentially have the same principles.

A featured post in the top left corner of the home page; I want it to display the featured image as the background, use the post title for the slide header, and some excerpt text as a little introduction. I then need two buttons which allow the user to either enter the event or read more information. Further down the page, I want the same thing, but just a list of events based on their upcoming date, again with buttons.

Hopefully, the screenshot of my design will help explain this further.

I am asking how other’s would achieve these two elements as I seem to be going around in circles, getting a post based slider to work is relatively straightforward to make, but then adding buttons causes issues. As the client would have to come back to me every time, they wish to make a new featured event. Not very customer focused? Am I approaching this all wrong?

(Ben) #5

If you’re using custom fields then can’t you just add a field for the button url? If it is set display the button, if not hide the button.