Some tips for promoting a new plugin?

(Ahmed Fouad) #1


I’ve released a plugin a few days ago in the WordPress plugin repository, and It has been a long time since I was trying to market a product. It looks like things have changed a lot and got way harder, and people are not going to find you easily. Competition is tough, yes I agree!

So I’ve done the usual things, I tried to contact several blogs that might be interested in reviewing the plugin and still waiting hopefully for a response. So far contacted @WPExplorer and @wptavern from the big names and really wish they could review it.

I was wondering if any of you got any tips for promoting my plugin or reaching out people other than the usual? (contacting influencers and big blogs asking for review)

My plugin is called Member Chimp If you would like to have a look and give me some feedback, truly appreciated :slight_smile:

The compeition is huge for this niche so I guess I need to tell people why my plugin is different. The long-term goal will be to provide a PRO version vs the free version, but I’m working hard on the free version to make it appeal to users.


(Leland Fiegel) #2

Try doing a search on this forum if you’re curious. A lot of people have asked started their own topics for tips on promoting new plugins (which also promote their own plugin, like this one :smiley:)

Here’s one: How to market a brand new freemium plugin

Maybe content marketing? Documentation marketing? What are some cool things people can do with your plugin? Why would they want to use it? How does it help them make more money?

Also, just a general tip, try to not focus so much on features, but rather benefits. Instead of saying something like just “Profile privacy settings” say something like “Profile privacy settings, so your privacy-conscious users can feel safer interacting in your community.” It seems obvious but I think it really helps to communicate benefits more than features.

(Ahmed Fouad) #3

Thank you @leland. I really appreciate your recommendations and tips.