SpinPress Magazine officially launched

(Pascal Birchler) #1

A couple of weeks ago I’ve been looking for beta testers here on WP Chat. Now I’ve finally published the first issue of the SpinPress Magazine. I thought you might be interested to hear how it came out!

SpinPress is a digital magazine all about the WordPress community and its ecosystem. The first publication is a free preview issue which demonstrates all the features you can expect from SpinPress in the future. Highlights are the WordPress 4.0 summary, a detailed look at Automattic and an in-depth comparison of TablePress and wpDataTables.

You can download the SpinPress app in the Google Play Store or read the magazine using the dedicated Web Reader. The iOS version is coming in the next few days.

I’d really love to hear your feedback!

(Kalen Johnson) #2

Congrats on the launch!

(Leland Fiegel) #3

Congrats on the launch! Scheduled a @wpchat tweet about this for later today too. Best of luck. :smiley:

(Pascal Birchler) #4

By the way, SpinPress is now also available for iOS! Info: https://spinpress.com/download-now-spinpress-for-ios/

(Jimmy Smutek) #5

Congratulations, looking forward to checking it out!

(Pascal Birchler) #6

Hey everyone

Be sure to check out the newly release Issue #1, it’s the first paid issue of SpinPress with a focus on the international WordPress community: https://spinpress.com/spinpress-issue-1-available/

Let me know if you’ve got any questions.

(Ante Sepic) #7


is it possible to purchase a 1-year subscription or similar “bulk” subscription instead of buying a single release only?

I searched all over your web but id not manage to find such option. If it’s not possible, do you have a plan to add it?


I was also little bit lost on your site. I did not understand well what I can buy and what I will get … buy articles one by one … I really don’t know if its good model.

(Leland Fiegel) #10

You buy an individual issue which contains multiple articles. Just like a normal magazine.


oh thanks, my crapy english :slight_smile:

(Pascal Birchler) #12

Such an option is definitely coming, probably when the next Issue #2 is released in a couple of months. There are basically two scenarios I’m thinking of:

  1. Bulk purchase 4 issues with a small discount (e.g. 10-20%)
    This could be issue #2 plus 3 after that, or issue 1-4, depending on which ones you like.
  2. 1-year subscription for SpinPress which includes additional features for a symbolic price.
    A little bit more expensive option for supporters of SpinPress that would include things like a special newsletter for members, some private posts, etc.

(Pascal Birchler) #13

Exactly! Thanks for your help @leland

Have any of you already purchased SpinPress Issue #1? I could give WP Chat users a small discount if there’s interest :blush:

(Ante Sepic) #14

Thanks for the info on subscription.

Just bought the #1 issue, preview one was of great quality so I have no doubts about the value.

Keep doing a great work.