Sponsoring my own site

This is just a quick thread to announce that my theme shop, Themetry, is (for now) the exclusive sponsor of WP Chat. We now have a collection of four purpose-built WordPress themes, two of which are premium themes on WordPress.com.

Since each theme is built for a specific purpose, I’d understand if none of them are your cup of tea. But it’s something to keep in mind of you have a client or friend in the market for a theme that might fit well with one of ours.

We haven’t had an exclusive sponsor in a while, so this’ll be a placeholder until I can find another, because I think it’s kinda weird to sponsor my own site. If you’re interested in sponsoring WP Chat, just shoot me a private message here to discuss.

What happened to ManageWP?

Technically speaking it isn’t sponsoring when the owner pays the bills out of his/her/its pocket.

I’d sponsor WPChat, seriously but I am tapped out on the financial aspect of me giving back to the community, for a while.

They stopped sponsoring a few months ago.

Fair point. :smiley:

It’s also a thinly veiled “WP Chat is seeking a sponsor” announcement. I tweeted about it a few months ago but wasn’t aggressive about it at all beyond that.

And I figured I might as well call some attention to my commercial themes in the meantime.

Owari is one good looking theme :slight_smile: and I don’t have any issues with you promoting it here. It’s your website anyway :+1:

I have one question, not related to this topic. From what I know WordPress.com doesn’t accept new premium themes publishers, may I ask how you got in?

Not sure how much $ you expect from the sponsor, I think if you rebuild your theme shop, that it looks like a shop, not a blog, with few sales referring from WPchat, you can maybe get the same amount of $ without dealing with some other business.

Besides, I think that some well-established WP businesses like the previous sponsor or Pippins, Gravity, Ninjas and many others can sponsor this project, not bc. It will bring them revenue, just as support, like they often do in other projects/events.
Btw. did you ask them? Bc. they will probably not actively looking where to throw some $ :slight_smile:

Yes, I’m aware my site is not exactly a conversion machine. :slight_smile: It’s definitely on my radar as something to improve.

That would certainly be nice.

That is how I got my first sponsor, but I haven’t asked any of those companies specifically. I really would like to send a good ROI in exchange for sponsorship, but I should probably frame it like a “support the community” deal just so expectations aren’t unrealistic.

I don’t follow WPCHAT or your personal twitter, nothing personal.

I am following 733 people and 933 people are following me (I have no idea why), I like keeping that 200 difference ratio by the way. nothing personal.

By the way…I am going to be brutally honest on this question, I have worked in the past on board of directors of many companies (and volunteered at non-profits)…so here it goes…

Why should I sponsor YOUR site when there are other WP based sites, some that are more popular than yours. If I have $xxx.xx to sponsor a site, I want to see the most people for that $xxx.xx.

Also I would like to see stats.

Those two comments/questions is something I have asked from everyone wanting money from the companies I have worked in the past.

Sponsoring this site is a challenge in my view.

For example, I wouldn’t sponsor it via Page Builder Sandwich, because nobody would buy it since you guys aren’t really my typical market. Hopefully it’s not the case with Owari. :slight_smile:

Not sure about those people (Pipppins, Gravity, Ninjas) sponsoring WPChat since I would think that adding a banner for them here won’t mean much to them. My hunch is that most people here would already know of them and are already using their products.

Happy to show Google Analytics to interested parties.

I’d say it’s kind of like Coca Cola and Pepsi advertising at the Super Bowl. Obviously, they’re two of the most well-known brands in the world, yet they still ruthlessly compete with each other because they understand how valuable it is to be the preeminent soft drink brand.

It’s the same deal with Gravity Forms and Ninja Forms. Right now, I’d say when most in the WordPress community think “commercial form plugin” that “Gravity Forms” is the first thing they think of.

That top-of-mind awareness is immeasurably valuable for Gravity Forms to maintain, or Ninja Forms to take over.

I’m not saying a WP Chat sponsorship would help solidify anything one way or the other, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt.

We may not be, but the people we talk to at meetups, friends and family interested in making websites, clients who want to manage things on their own…they are.

I lost count of how many times people have asked me to recommend a page builder plugin. While I inform them that I don’t use page builder plugins, I usually mention @RobbyMcCullough’s Beaver Builder as something worth checking out.

I can’t explain why. I’ve honestly never even tried it before. It’s just the first thing that pops into my mind when I think of a builder plugin. That’s top-of-mind awareness.

Multiply that by all the other people who do the same thing, and you’ve got a rapidly growing user base. That’s how sponsorships can be valuable.

I’d rather find someone with the mindset of a WordCamp sponsor. They’re concerned with increasing brand awareness and goodwill first and foremost, not immediate ROI.

It’s not something that’ll happen overnight, but I believe this line of thinking will lead to better long-term dividends.

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Hey Leland!

Thanks, haha! We’ll have to shoot you over a review copy.

I’ll ping you on the sponsorship, too. Definitely something we’d be interested in exploring (for reasons I never really understood until you put it to words up there).

True, good point :slight_smile:

True, but a good forum conversation can also lead up to this as with a banner.

But don’t get me wrong though, I’m not saying that it’s not a good idea to sponsor WPChat! All I’m saying is it’s hard to find a good match. I love WPChat and if I had the funds (which I don’t) I’d sponsor because I’d like WPChat to grow. WPChat is pinned to my browser beside Twitter!

That’s awesome to hear and truly appreciated. :slight_smile:

Hey, @leland

It’s pretty much same with me. I don’t use page builders but if someone insists I usually mention @RobbyMcCullough’s Beaver Builder. Guess Robby is too cool to say no to… :reminder_ribbon:

Haha! Thanks @mrahmadawais! If you ever want to take Beaver Builder for a spin, ping me on Facebook. You gotta join the revolution! :wink: =P

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Sure :slight_smile: Guess I am already in via WPMetaList :wink:

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