Statistics about themes on ThemeForest and other marketplaces

(Nicolae Pasecinic) #1

Hi All,
This is not a self promoting post, I just want to find out if my project will work or not.
In the last few months, I have worked on an app that collect all the numbers (sales) for each theme from themeforest (at first) and bring a good statistics like, in what categories are doing sales, how your competitors do sales etc…

My next future after beta launch will be to index other marketplaces like mojo and (just downloads).

  1. I want to found out if that will be interesting?
  2. Would somebody pay for that? If Yes How much?
    2.1. Should we go for Exclusive (expensive plan) or go for an acceptable price.
  3. What statistics will you guys want to have it there.
  4. What features will you guys want to have it.

Thank You.

(Faruk Erdogan) #2

Hi @upqode,

I have no idea you are working for Marketopia, if not they are gathering and share all data about ThemeForest and its authors. You can find any total sales, sales amounts, and item numbers data of authors at

On the other hand, gathering data on any topic will raise. There are a few data-driven companies such as Similarweb, Builtwith or Socialbakers etc. and these companies fast growing companies. Your idea is good.

In my opinions about your questions;

1. I want to found out if that will be interesting?
- As said, this topic is hot. Interested in.
2. Would somebody pay for that? If Yes How much?
- Start with freemium. All companies which are given above are giving freemium service.
2.1. Should we go for Exclusive (expensive plan) or go for an acceptable price.
- Go freemium firstly.
3. What statistics will you guys want to have it there?
- Marketopia is giving some core data, check them. Maybe you can give some time sensitive data. When they start, how long does it take to earn these money etc? Which topics are hot about sales.
4. What features will you guys want to have it?

  • Something to benefit

I hope my answer is helpful for you.


(Leland Fiegel) #3

No worries. I’ll allow it. :slight_smile:

Like @Faruk already said, there already is Marketopia. Not sure who your target demographic is, but I’m a theme author myself, and I barely look at Marketopia at all, so I can’t imagine myself paying for any related premium service.

Also, @vovafeldman and @Kobe have done some interesting analysis on ThemeForest sales lately: ThemeForest By The Numbers: Thought The WordPress Theme Gold Rush Was Over? Think Again!

I already have a good idea of what sells on those marketplaces (gigantic multipurpose themes) so I try to just focus on my own business and not worry about what others are doing.

The main question to ask yourself is: how would I differentiate from Marketopia?

I’m also always hesitant on building projects that are totally depending on third-party APIs. What would you (or Marketopia, for that matter) do if ThemeForest decided to just stop sharing sales data?

It’s also worth noting that several WordPress theme marketplaces don’t publish sales data ( and Creative Market, for example) so you’re not getting the full picture of the WordPress theme marketplace sales landscape right off the bat.

(Nicolae Pasecinic) #4

Hi Guys,
Thank for the feedback, sorry if I made you confused but on what I am working on is not similar to what was on marketopia (actually, as I know that website is not anymore updated).

Let me give some examples of the differences:

If I am decided to go into a category (let’s say “crowdfunding” which you cannot find as category on TF )
(build a theme) I need to know following thing
a. how many items are there (just active one, those who do sales)
b. How many sales in that category (to see your opportunity)
c. Average sales for an Item and lot more.

Next, for ex. Opurtunities:
a. I try to get information about all business categories and total business in that category for ex. let’s say “aquariums” how many aquariums are and how many themes is in that category and if there are any sales … the app can suggest you in what category you need to move, as we know the niche themes are the success.

Next. for ex. Competitors (I guess that’s most important) it’s really important to know lot information about your competitors:
a. Sales (that’s fine but not enough)
b. Comments (it’s really important to know what customers are asking from your competitor)
c. Social Activity
d. KeyWords

that’s just examples that will like to have in app and I would like to here more from you.
Any suggestions are much appreciated.

(Faruk Erdogan) #5

Hi upqode,

Thanks for your detailed information about your project. I just wonder how will you gather these data from any site if they do not support any API as @leland mentioned? Could you share your data gathering process? Finding sales amount and numbers is not easy to find.

When you detailed your idea, I thought, you should start with a very narrow area.

Thinking big is ok but you should start with a little step. And you should start with just finding sales amoun and numbers which are the hardest part of your project.

(Leland Fiegel) #6

Okay, I have a better idea of what you want to offer. Kind of like business intelligence for theme shops.

It’s a cool idea. I’d be interested in seeing where it goes.

A couple thoughts:

  1. Start small and iterate. Like a working Marketopia (didn’t realize it was not updated anymore) at first, then build from there. It sounds like you’re trying to be way too ambitious at first.

  2. Maybe try to develop partnerships with other theme shops for independent sales data. Most of that information is private. As it stands now, your data source is going to dry up fast if Envato decides to cut you off.