Subscribe to Download

(Shamir) #1

What I am looking is essentially "Subscribe to Download: plugin. But I do not want users who has already subscribed to get added to mailchimp again and again. Also if the user is registered with site, he/she need should be able to see the link straight away.

Any help is very much appreciated.

(Anh Tran) #2

I did that manually for my themes like this. Basically, there are some steps:

  • Output the modal HTML in a invisible div, that will open when clicking the link. You can use any popup/modal JS lib like Bootstrap (probably too much) or write your own. In my case, I just write some simple CSS for the modal.
  • When user submit the form, send an ajax request to our plugin.
  • The plugin receives the user email, then adds the email to MailChimp using this library. This library is minimal, small and will auto check for duplicates.
  • After adding the user, return the URL for download
  • On the frontend, the JS gets the download link and redirect user to that page.

That’s all :slight_smile:

Good luck!

(Denis B) #3

I use easy digital downloads for this. There’s a plugin for free downloads that you can use to capture emails for downloads.
It then sends the download link to your email.