Suggestion for free page builder plugin with 700+ active installs

(Anthony Pham) #1

Hi everybody,

I am Anthony, co-founder at King-Theme.

After 2 years working on building the themes for Wordpress framework, we faced many problems with building and edit content, each action takes much time to wait for page or panel loading then render layout. We recognize that is the popular problem with customers, even with the authors like us. Then the ideas about a new WordPress website builder fastest, flexible, strongly, was born at the end of 2015. It’s King Composer page builder. - homepage

What users get when to use our page builder?

  • Save your time and money
  • Easy and Flexible for customize
  • Responsive layout support
  • High performance and loading time.
  • SEO, increase speed integration
  • High contrast, user-friendly for actions

Plugin Features

  • No Ajax
  • No Jquery UI, Native HTML5’s Drag & Drop
  • Section Manager
  • Shortcode Filter
  • Icon searches real time
  • Visual display in backend
  • Free and new elements, features
  • Widgets Compatibility
  • Advanced Mini Box
  • Creative way to display content
  • Templates JS
  • Custom Post Types Support
  • Third-party Widget compatibility
  • Full Width & Height Options
  • CSS custom boxes
  • Element Style Presets
  • Responsive options for columns
  • Extendable

We created features Section Manager and Presets for elements/pages. They are helpful for the theme author to include the sample demo for their items.

Of course, This page builder is just released some months so there are many bugs and limitation. We are really in need of suggestions features, functions for this page builder. Let me know how do think about it.

Check out and download links:

Many thank you!


This page builder is for novice users or developers? I would actually prefer to code all those elements by hand, I wouldn’t touch such a tool.

The front end builder makes me a little dizzy :slight_smile: it’s lagging a little and there are way to many panels, arrows all over the place. I think you need to simplify the UI a little, maybe do some paid testing ( for example or any other site).

Also, try and use only one set of icons for your UI, the default WordPress icons and maybe extend them. Use only one style of icons for consistency.

Just my 2 cents :wink:

(Samrat Roy) #3

Hi there,

Here is a detailed analysis of the best which exists in the market :