The February 2015 WPChat AMA guest is lined up

So following the successful Justin Tadlock AMA, I’ve decided to make this a regular, monthly thing here at WP Chat.

And we’ve already got a guest lined up! You might know him from his popular development blog, his WPTuts writings, and his WordPress-related projects like the Plugin Boilerplate.

Our next guest is @Tom McFarlin.

It will take place next Monday, February 23rd at 8 PM EST. We’ll also have a strict cutoff time 24 hours after that, so make sure to get your questions in before then.

Note: This is not the actual AMA thread, so don’t ask any questions here just yet. Tom will make his own at around the time and date above. This is merely an announcement post and discussion of the AMA itself.

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I think good idea would be if people can ask anytime in advance - before AMA in special thread or anywhere (or send private message to AMA FAKE user) bc. how threads technically works with replies …
During time when guest don’t have any question and he just looks to monitor you will take these questions from basket and ask him.

I think this will brings more questions and time of guest will be used better.

That is a great idea to make something monthly regular like this!! Really looking foward to see more!


I get what you’re saying. I just feel like it would take away the sense of urgency from the live event feel. That’s why I encourage question preparation in advance. I feel like 24 hours is enough of a range to give everyone the opportunity to ask the questions they wanted.

I like the sense of urgency of a live event. I also like the fact that we have time in advance to prepare questions. I found out about Justin Tadlock’s session too late, but I’m looking forward to the upcoming AMA. Thanks for this.

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Tom would be a great guest. I also think the strict 24-hour timeline is better.


I think the AMA thing is brilliant, and Tom is a wonderful person to have as a guest.


I like the idea of a monthly AMA with a special guest and the 24 hour cutoff is much better than the old time. Great job and execution.

This is actually happening in just a few days. If you haven’t already, I’d prepare your questions for Tom in advance over the weekend for the AMA next Monday!

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Just a few hours left, y’all. Prepare your questions if you haven’t already.

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