The first arbitrage plugin for Wordpress is now available

(blueadm) #1

Anyone into crypto? I bet today crypto enthusiast and supporters could be found in almost any community.

Few words about “arbitrage”: Cryptocurrency arbitrage refers to buying coins on a digital exchange where the price is significantly lower & simultaneously selling the coin at a crypto exchange where the price is higher, as result, profiting from a difference in prices.

I lead the team, and we’re a group of crypto optimists. To cut the story short, our project is about delivering real time quotes on altcoins from across the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in attempt to display an arbitrage. With that said, we now have over 9000 altcoins available for viewing on our website. Being a big fan of wordpress, I’ve decided to code a simple plugin, it meant for displaying the arbitrage opportunity table in an adoptive iframe.

I’d love to hear some of your honest thoughts, even if you completely hate the idea :slight_smile:

Here is the link: Cryptocurrency Arbitrage Expert